Top Kenyan Athlete Living in Poverty After Losing Millions to Rogue Lawyer

  • File image of Daniel Kichirchir Komen.
    File image of Daniel Kichirchir Komen.
  • An athlete who flew Kenya's flag high at the peak of his career is now struggling after a lawyer allegedly swindled his millions.

    Daniel Kichirchir Komen dominated the 1500 meters men's race between 2003 and 2011 but has nothing to show for his success. Komen reportedly lost his earnings to someone he once trusted wholeheartedly.

    Komen made more than Ksh35 million over the years but a lawyer whom he thought was helping him invest in different properties turned out to have had different interests at heart. 

    During a TV interview, Komen claimed that he asked the lawyer to be his financial manager in 2008 since he was having a difficult time identifying investment opportunities.

    File image of Daniel Kichirchir Komen.
    File image of Daniel Kichirchir Komen.

    The lawyer reportedly asked him to purchase a plot valued at Ksh12 million. However, when he was given the sale agreement he realised that it was written in the lawyer's name. 

    Komen stated that he questioned the legality of the documents but the lawyer responded by claiming that the small mistake would be rectified. However, that was not to be. 

    Later, the land that he bought was reportedly occupied by other people. The former athlete lamented that the lawyer seemingly subdivided the land and sold it off to the said individuals. 

    The lawyer further asked him to transfer different sums amounting to millions to his bank accounts, alleging that was investing for the embattled star. 

    Komen narrated that the lawyer pretended that he was purchasing properties in Uasin Gishu County for him. 

    "My life has been cut short abruptly, I had planned to invest in land and other assets so that I venture into real estate. I knew that in Kenya if you buy land near a town, it appreciates. 

    "I decided to take all my money out of my accounts to invest in land assets so that when I retire, I sell the land and do real estate," he explained.

    Komen sued the lawyer, but the case has dragged in court for years. 

    The attorney, in his defence, claimed that he started as Komen's lawyer but they later became business partners in the real estate sector.

    He claimed that he managed the business since Komen was always out of the country and wondered why the runner was complaining yet he was familiar with their arrangement.  

    File image of Daniel Kichirchir Komen.
    File image of Daniel Kichirchir Komen.