18-Year-Old Kenyan Makes History at Australian Open

A collage image of 18-year-old Angela Okutoyi.
A collage image of 18-year-old Angella Okutoyi.

18-year-old Angela Okutoyi has made history after winning a match at the Australian Open which is being played at Melbourne Park in Australia

In a statement by the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) on their official Twitter account, the association stated that the Kenyan teenager had made history to become the first Kenyan woman to win a match in the Grand Slam Juniors tournament.

During the match played against Federica Urgesi of Italy, Angela secured an empathic victory after winning two sets.

Kenyan Tennis Player, Angela Okutoyi
Kenyan Tennis Player, Angella Okutoyi

"Two historic milestones in the Australian Open juniors today...Angella Okutoyi became the 1st girl from Kenya to win a Grand Slam juniors match," read the post.

After the win, the Ministry of Sports and other government officials took to social media to celebrate the Kenyan teenager for representing the country well and making a mark at the annual tournament.

The ministry stated that the 18-year-old was also the first Kenyan woman to win a match at the Australian tournament.

"Angella Okutoyi wins her first match at the Australian Open. First Kenyan woman." read a statement by the ministry.

Additionally, some social media users called on the government to recognise the efforts of 18-year-old for the remarkable milestone marked for herself and the country.

"If you are the second Kenyan to play in the Australian Open, you have already made it in life. If you win a game in the Australian Open, you deserve state commendation or at least a road named after you. Well done  Angela Okutoyi, you've made Kenya proud," sports enthusiast and journalist, Carol Radull stated.

Okutoyi made headlines in the country after she was named as the only Kenyan who would represent the country in the annual tennis tourney. 

In a video posted by the teenager, Okutoyi stated that it was a dream to participate in the tournament adding that she would make a name for herself during the games.

"Being able to take part in a championship such as the Grand Slam is quite a dream. It's quite an experience because it only comes once a year. I am very happy and proud to be where I am," Okutoyi stated.

Following her win, Okutoyi is scheduled to play against Australia's Zara Larke on January 24.

Media personality Carol Radull in Nairobi on October 1, 2021.
Media personality Carol Radull in Nairobi on October 1, 2021.
Courtesy Carol Radull Instagram