I Watched My Step-Brother Hold My Mum at Gunpoint - Pinky Ghelani

  • Former Capital FM presenter Pinky Ghelani
    Former Capital FM presenter Pinky Ghelani.
  • Former Capital FM presenter Pinky Ghelani has opened up about some of the traumatic scenes she endured while growing up.

    While appearing on Churchill Show, on Sunday, January 23, the soft-spoken media personality noted that she once witnessed her step-brother holding a gun to her mother's head.

    In another instance, Ghelani recalled that her step-brother burnt her mother on her leg with a hot skewer.

    The differences stemmed from the struggle over the wealth that had been left behind by her father which was to be shared between the two families.

    Former Radio Presenter Pinky Ghelani.
    Former Radio Presenter Pinky Ghelani.
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    So intense was the fight that Ghelani recounted watching her mother being subjected to a court process while she was growing up.

    "Growing up, I saw my mum in and out of court being questioned. It is things that movies are made out of. My step-brother, the son of the first wife, once burnt my mother on her leg with a hot skewer because he wanted money.

    "He put a gun to her head because he wanted money. These are things I witnessed as I was growing up," she recounted.

    Luckily, she noted that the wrangles did not affect her schooling as much since she attended some of the best schools in the country including Braeburn.

    When she completed High School, Ghelani landed a front office job where she recalled that her salary was Ksh800. She had not even hit 18 years yet.

    She was so adamant attending a University in the United States but her journey was cut off by the sudden death of her brother in an accident.

    She recounted that she had already flown to the States when she received a call asking her to return, without specifying the reason.

    "I finished my A-levels at the age of 16 and then I took a break because I was too young to go to the University and I started working. I worked at Copy Cat and I remember my first salary was 800 shillings.

    "When I hit the age of 17 years, I was ready to go to the University but I was adamant I didn't want to go anywhere else but the States. In August 1993, I left the country and made it to the States two days later. After a week, I got a phone call that I had to come back. They didn't tell me why," she recounted.

    When she arrived at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), she was informed what had happened and she was left heartbroken, eventually making the decision not to leave home again.

    During the interview, Ghelani had praises for her father, who made most of his wealth in the 1970s due to his close association with former President Daniel Moi.

    Her mother, on the other hand, was a talented model and modelled for Kenya's founding President Jomo Kenyatta during Independence Day celebrations.

    Former Capital FM presenter Pinky Ghelani (right) and her mother.
    Former Capital FM presenter Pinky Ghelani (right) and her mother.
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