Citizen TV Unveils New Local Shows

  • A File Image of Citizen TV Studios
    A File Image of Citizen TV Studios
    Citizen Digital
  • Citizen TV has unveiled a new set of local shows that are slated to kick off in the month of March as part of the station's bid to support local talent, which is also a requirement by the government.

    The first show lined up is Kali ni Kali, a brand new musical show that is set to showcase, Kenya's rich music talent . The brand new show will premier on Monday, March 7, at 5 pm. The show will seek to be a cut above its competition in giving the audience an authentic Kenyan experience by appreciating its musical talent.

    Further, Paa (Born to Fly) is a local drama series that is set to begin on Sunday, March 13, at 6 pm. The six-part teen show will follow the lives of high school teens as they cope with secondary school life. This will involve drama from their school, families as well as relationships as they confront teenagehood. 

    From left: Zora actors, Robert Agengo (Fella), Sarah Hassan (Zora) and Ryan Mwenda (Simba) in an Instagram post dated March 3, 2022
    From left: Zora actors, Robert Agengo (Fella), Sarah Hassan (Zora) and Ryan Mwenda (Simba) in an Instagram post dated March 3, 2022
    Sarah Hassan

    The main cast include Lydia, Talia, Neema and their friends from St Joseph as they journey through the high school life. The show is anticipated to follow in the footsteps of Tahidi High which became an instant hit in its heydays. Tahidi High later became talent ground for different personalities who went on to pursue successful careers in journalism, production and theatre.

    Sultana is another new show set to air every Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm. It will replace the highly acclaimed Zora- which comes to an end after keeping fans glued to the screen for nearly a year. 

    The new show will revolve around the life of a young visually impaired baby who was presumed to be dead at birth but was later switched to a different family and raised by the midwife who saved her from calamity. 

    According to the script, raised in a village, the blind lady undergoes a range of trials and tribulations as she strives to succeed in life and knock off all odds. 

    Overcoming Heartbreak (Vencer El Desamor) is a new telenovela that will be unveiled on Monday, March 6, at 8pm. It will follow the lives of four friends; Barbara, Arianna, Dafne, and Gemma who have all undergone heartbreaks but try to get back in the game with hopes of a different fate.

    Citizen TV has managed to air local talent which has seen a number of shows and their cast becoming mega hits. From Tahidi High, Inspekta Mwala, Machachari, Maria, Zora, the shows have gained a huge fanbase with fans craving for more. 

    Jiffy pictures boss cum Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan recently announced that there are no plans for Maria Season 2- a show that fans waited with bated breath for a comeback season. 

    The management hopes that the shows will be a game-changer in further entreching Citizen TV as the country's home of talent - and definitely a run for the competition's money.

    Maria cast pose for a photo with Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho in Mombasa County on Friday, January 29, 2021