Police Advise Motorists on How to Engage Rogue Boda Boda Riders

Police Spokesperson Bruno Shioso addressing the press.
Former police spokesperson Bruno Shioso addressing the press.
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The National Police Service Spokesperson Bruno Shioso has advised motorists on what to do when involved in an accident with boda boda operators, after a female driver was assaulted.

In a TV interview on Monday, March 7, Bruno noted that most motorcycles operating on major highways flout traffic rules causing many accidents on the road, and putting the lives of many Kenyans at risk.

He noted, despite the law dictating that one should stop and wait for the police to analyse the scene of the accident, in cases where it involves motorcyclists, motorists should quickly weigh the situation before stopping to wait for the police.

"Most motorcyclists are on the road and do not follow the rule of law. In the event of an accident, I would advise motorists to analyze the situation and do what is best for your personal safety first, " he stated.

A collage of the female motorist assaulted by bodaboda riders along Forest Road on Monday, Match 7, 2022.
A collage of the female motorist assaulted by bodaboda riders along Forest Road, Nairobi, on Monday, Match 7, 2022.

In such an instance, motorists are advised to report the matter to the nearest police station and wait for further instructions from the traffic police.

This follows an incident where a lady was captured on camera being brutally assaulted by boda boda operators after a traffic incident along Forest Road, in Nairobi. The incident, which has sparked uproar and widespread condemnation also brought to the fore the wanting state of security on Kenyan roads.

The lady is captured on the video screaming for help as the group of men descended on her- ripping off her clothes in the process.

Regarding the incident, Bruno noted that it was reported on Friday, March 5, but the lady recorded an official statement on Monday March 7.

"The motorist assault was reported on Friday but most of the details regarding the assault were given today through a statement by the lady concerned," Bruno noted.

He further stated that more arrests have been made concerning the incident that those allegedly involved will be presented in court. The police spokesperson assured the public that they will leave no stone untouched in smoking out criminals masquerading as boda boda operators.

"32 people arrested and 12 motorcycles seized in connection with the sexual assault of a female motorist on Wangari Maathai road. They will be arraigned in court tomorrow (Tuesday)," police spokesperson remarked.

He further noted that the law enforcement officers are undertaking reforms to restore sanity on the roads especially involving boda boda operators, who equally a key role in the transport sector.

"We’ve been doing so many law enforcement operations to try and restore sanity on the roads. We have tried to engage motorcyclists through their local leadership to see how we can work together," Bruno explained.

The Forest Road incident comes barely a week after the national government announced a nationwide crackdown on motorists and  boda boda operators.

The crackdown targeted those operating without a reflective jacket, a helmet and those carrying two or more pillion passengers.

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