EPRA Increases Fuel Prices to a Record High

  • An-Image-of-a-Car-Fuelling-At-a-Petrol-Station
    An Image of Car Fueling at a Petrol Station
  • The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory (EPRA) has announced an increase in fuel prices that will take effect from midnight, Friday, April 15. 

    In the price review for the period between April 15 and May 14, the price of a litre of super petrol has been increased by Ksh9.90 to a pump retail price of Ksh144.62.

    Diesel will retail at Ksh125.50 while Kerosene will retail at Ks113.44 per litre. Diesel and kerosene costs have also increased by the same margin of Ksh9.90 per litre.

    An image of a fuel pump at a Nairobi petrol station on July 14, 2021.
    An Image of a Fuel pump at a Nairobi Petrol Station on July 14, 2021.

    Notably, the government has offered a subsidy of Ksh29.08 for a litre of super petrol, Ksh40.24 for a litre of diesel and Ksh26.45 for a litre of Kerosene.

    Without the subsidy, the products would retail at Ksh173.70, Ksh165.74 and Ksh139.89 for super, diesel and Kerosene respectively.  The increase in fuel prices is as a result of the jump in costs of crude oil in the international market.

    According to EPRA Director General, Daniel Kiptoo Bargoria, the landing costs of a litre of super increased from Ksh78.18 to Ksh94.14 per litre. Diesel rose from Ksh78.24 to Ksh97.57 while kerosene rose from Ksh71.57 to Ksh80.05 per litre.

    "The average landing costs of super petrol jumped from Ksh78,177.53 (USD 676.70)  per cubic metre to Ksh94,137.66 (USD814.85). Diesel increased from Ksh78,248 (USD 677.31) to Ksh97,571 ( USD844.57) while Kerosene jumped from Ksh71,577 (USD619.57) to Ksh80,054( USD692.95)," EPRA noted.

    In the March, fuel price review, the products' minimum prices announced by EPRA were Ksh134.72 for super petrol, Ksh115.60 for diesel and Ksh103.54 for kerosene.

    Notably, the excise duty, road maintenance levy, petroleum development levy, petroleum regulatory levy, railway development levy, anti-adulteration levy, merchant shipping levy, import declaration fee and value-added tax (VAT).

    In an earlier press statement, Energy Cabinet Secretary, Amb Monica Juma, warned Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and retailers from selling fuel at costs higher than the gazetted prices. 

    CS Juma also warned OMCs to either comply or vacate the Kenyan market.

    "Kenya will not tolerate any entity or person causing distress either by creating an artificial problem or stress. Any entity that is not ready, able or willing to work within the framework of the laws of Kenya is invited to vacate this market promptly," the CS stated.

    Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary (CS) Monica Juma
    Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary (CS) Monica Juma
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