Presidential Candidate David Waihiga Demands Police & Escort Cars From IG Mutyambai

  • A file image of a VIP guest being escorted by security officers.
    A file image of a VIP guest being escorted by security officers.
  • Presidential candidate David Mwaure Waihiga has written to the National Police Service (NPS) demanding that his security be enhanced.¬†

    In the letter dated Monday, June 20 and addressed to Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai, Waihiga made it clear that he demands police cars as well as escort cars to be accorded to him and his running mate Ruth Mucheru.

    He argued that other presidential candidates had been accorded the right, claiming that some were receiving enhanced security details including helicopters.

    Waihiga also cast doubt on how much the security details affect the taxpayers noting that the cost of living has been going up by the minute.

    Agano Party Presidental Candidate David Waihiga
    Agano Party Presidential Candidate David Waihiga.
    Agano Party

    "We are seeing our competitors with a lot of security, police cars escort cars and sirens and ad infinitum.
    Are these provided in law and regulations? If so, can we have them but not with the bravado we see with
    our competitors?

    "If they are not provided in law, are these taxpayers' funds being used? Was it approved by Parliament? Does Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and other government agencies know about these (helicopters,
    snipers, etc)," he questioned.

    Waihiga further defended his demands noting that his security will not be a financial burden to Kenyans, who are confronting hard economic times.

     Describing the matter as urgent, the candidate, through his Agano Party, argued that he was the only presidential contender who was noticeably fighting against corruption in the country.

    "The final reason we need enhanced security is that our Presidency duo of Mwaure Waihiga and Ruth
    Mucheru is the only one taking head-on the number one and number last problem of Kenya, corruption.

    "Our Presidential Candidate is even naming names. They are going for the big fish. Corruption fights back. Our Presidential candidate does not intend to relent on this main agenda: fight and eradicate corruption totally. He needs very critical and enhanced security," added the letter.

    Anchored in the Kenyan Constitution, every Presidential candidate cleared is entitled to 10 armed police officers financed by the state.

    The officers should be deployed to provide security to the candidates, their running mates as well as homes and offices - working in shifts.

    Five officers move around with the contenders' entourages while the other five are stationed at their key properties. IG Mutyambai noted that 200 police officers were set aside for the exercise.

    The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has so far cleared four presidential candidates: Deputy president William Ruto, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, legal scholar Prof George Wajackoyah and Mwaure.

    Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai inspecting a past parade.
    Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai inspecting a past police parade.
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