PSC, KURA Announce Job Opportunities, How to Apply

  • Kenyans queued outside an office
    Kenyans queued outside an office.
  • Kenyans now have an opportunity to secure jobs after the Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) announced (separately) that they are hiring.

    In separate notices dated Tuesday, June 21, the two government agencies announced a compounded vacancy count of 75 slots, with KURA accounting for 45 while PSC is seeking to fill 30 slots.

    KURA is looking to hire individuals across the board from Directors whose requirements involve advanced university education to drivers with a requirement of KCSE certificates.

    Other positions advertised include Deputy Directors for Engineering and Quality Assurance, Engineers (18 positions), Land Surveyor, Assistant Office Administrators, Inspectors and Drivers.

    Public Service Commission offices (Undated)
    Public Service Commission offices (Undated)
    Capital Group

    PSC, on the other hand, is seeking examiners in 10 sectors including communication skills, public relations, office practice, business calculations, accounts and records management among others.

    All the 10 positions are seeking three employees each.

    How to Apply for KURA Positions

    Interested applicants are advised to visit to access full details about the individual vacancies as well as to download the application form.

    Once filled, the envelope should be hand-delivered to KURA's JKIA office in Nairobi and specifically dropped in the application boxes located on the first-floor East Wing.

    "Candidates who meet the set criteria should apply in writing by downloading the mandatory KURA Job Application Form provided on the website, fill all required fields, sign and date the form and attach certified copies of certificates and transcripts, testimonials, curriculum vitae and a cover letter.

    "Completed application forms together with cover letter, certified copies of stated documents to be hand-delivered in a sealed envelope with the respective job reference number clearly marked on the envelope," specified the notice. Applications should be made before July 11, 2022.

    How to Apply for PSC Positions

    Interested applicants are advised to address their application to the PSC Secretary/CEO and send their emails to

    Applicants should present a Bachelor's Degree in a relevant subject area as well as professional qualifications and must have six years of experience in practice, research or training.

    Applications should be made exclusively in soft copy (PDF) format and contracted to less than 3 pages and handed in by July 22, 2022.

    Kenyans queued for jobs during a past recruitment exercise
    Kenyans queued for jobs during a past recruitment exercise.
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