Controversial Jubilee Politician's Body Found Where Frank Obegi Friends Were Dumped

Moses Nyachae, Elijah Omeke, Fred Obare, Joseph Njau Ng'endo and Frankline Obegi

A fifth body discovered in Kijabe Forest has been established to be that of Joseph Njau Ng'endo, a politician who recently sought the Jubilee Party ticket for Member of the County Assembly (MCA) in Njiru Ward. 

Njau's body was found near the same area where blogger Frank Obegi and two of his friends were discovered - with their bodies badly mutilated on Sunday, June 19. 

Obegi's body was found alongside that of Elijah Omeke and Moses Nyachae. The body of their friend, Fred Obare, was discovered in Kiserian on Monday, June 20. 

An image Jubilee MCA hopeful Joseph Njau Ng'endo Njau.
An image Jubilee MCA hopeful Joseph Njau Ng'endo Njau.

The politician's family positively identified his body at the City Mortuary after he went missing last week. 

Notably, the aspirant eyeing the Njiru Ward seat in Kasarani is not new to making headlines. established that he had run-ins with the law and had been linked to drug trafficking.

Njau's name was thrown into the limelight in February 2019, after he was arrested in Westlands by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in connection with heroin trafficking.

According to the DCI, he was found in possession of five kilogrammes of heroin worth Ksh15 million during a multi-agency raid shortly after arriving in the country from Uganda.

According to the investigating officers, the drug consignment had been concealed in pawpaw plants. They further flagged his suspicious trips to Uganda where he was believed to have met with Nigerian drug traffickers.

In his defence, Njau claimed that he was being framed by a trafficking cartel he had sought to unmask. Nonetheless,  he was charged with possession and trafficking of narcotic drugs and arraigned at the JKIA law courts.

Njau comes amid murmurs and speculation on the circumstances that led to the death of the other four young men - all residents of Karasani estate. 

While the police are yet to establish the motive behind their gruesome murders, close friends disclosed that all the five deceased persons led lavish lives and amassed wealth whose source remains unexplained.

Notably, Frank, Moses and Elijah had reportedly escaped death in 2020 after they had been implicated in a money laundry deal, popularly known as wash wash, that went south. 

Other witnesses have come out to claim that they had been allegedly scammed by the three deceased persons in ATM scams and other online fraud schemes.

An image of Kenyan blogger Frank Obegi.
An image of Kenyan blogger Frank Obegi.


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