Businesswoman Places Kenya on Global Map With Unique Fashion Designs

  • Shivangi Bajpai, the founder of MixMitti label in India.
    Shivangi Bajpai, the founder of MixMitti label in India.
    New Indian Express
  • Kenya has continued to dominate across the world over its ingenuity in product creation with the latest entrant being Shivangi Bajpai’s MixMitti label in India.

    Born and brought up in Africa, Bajpai developed a love for animals at an early age, a skill she would later use in her fashion design career in a far away country.

    In an interview with the New Indian Express, the fashion designer noted that she was inspired to start the brand, which encompasses accessorised designer bags, after developing an interest in environmental conservation at an early age.

    She has interests in photographing animals, which she picked while living in Kenya, and fashion. In her brand, she combined the two in the quest to create an environmentally sustainable brand.

    A duffel bag designed by Shivangi Bajpai.
    A duffel bag designed by Shivangi Bajpai.
    New Indian Express

    “I was born and brought up in Kenya. I have been photographing animals and been involved in wildlife conservation, for a while now.

    “When I got into the fashion industry professionally, I knew I had to come up with the idea to mix my passions [wildlife conservation and fashion] and try my hand at something new that can use fashion as a language to spread awareness about animals and their conditions. That is how MixMitti was born," she told the outlet.

    Bajpai further explained that all her products are made using natural and biodegradable materials and are completely vegan.

    The creation also uses the photographs taken by the designer herself as well as other photographers to raise awareness on the quickly diminishing endangered species.

    One of her first designs is a maroon duffel bag emblazoned by a photo of grazing Zebra's, picture the East African Savannah.

    “Initially, we focused on endangered species and used photographs - images clicked by her and other photographers such as Trikansh Sharma, Siddharth Patel, Harman Singh Heer, etc. - in our first collection.

    "Then, we moved towards composition artworks on bags," she added.

    Bajpai holds a degree in textile design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Kangra, India.

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