5 Important Things a Job Seeker Must Have or Do

What you need to have while seeking jobs
A creative illustration of searching for jobs.

Unemployment rate in the country is expected to hit 7 percent by the end of this quarter. This is according to Trading Economics, a global outlet that conducts research and aggregate economic data.

Such high rates indicate that the market has more labour force than the available jobs. Most job seekers have borne the brunt of the daunting task of applying for employment whenever an opportunity comes up.

In Kenya, the number of available job opportunities do not correspond with the high number of trainees being churned by universities and tertiary training institutes.

Statistics from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics indicate that 5.3 million young Kenyans are unemployed. This is despite most of them being eligible for job opportunities.

The upshot of this is a situation where job seekers are left frustrated by the lack of opportunities. Job hunting could be more frustrating if you miss out on some of the key things hiring managers look for in prospective employees.

Undated file image of Nairobi job seekers waiting to hand in their applications to an employer.
Undated file image of Nairobi job seekers waiting to hand in their applications to an employer.

Human resource experts advise that HR Managers look for people with the capacity to solve problems and help companies achieve set targets and goals. Kenyans.co.ke highlights some of the key things you should have or do as a job seeker. 

1. Research

A job seeker should endeavor to conduct research on issues that pertain to the operations of a firm including what it deals in and its background. The candidate should also be well versed in the profession’s ideals. 

This would be instrumental to convince HR that you are qualified for the job. A Forbes article on career guidance states that the employer looks for resourceful persons to fill job vacancies. As such, having a grasp of how the firm operates would enable you to prove that you can bring your dynamism on board.

2. Customized Resume 

A good resume is one way to make a first impression to a hiring manager. As a job seeker, you should craft your resume to fit the requirements of a job as stipulated. 

This discourages the tradition of reusing a single resume in every job opening you are invited to. Forbes states that the hiring process has a screening stage where resumes are subject to a test of their eligibility.

Thus, the resume with the highest chances of going through is one that is tailored to the requirements advertised for that specific role. 

File photo of Individuals Lining up For a Job Interview
Kenyans queue for job interviews in the past

3. Portfolio

Most job advertisements in Kenya require experience. This is used to gauge how well a candidate is versed in the area of specialization. Thus, it is wise for a job seeker to have a compilation of some of the best pieces they have worked on before the application process.

4. Presentation Skills

An interview is in most cases inevitable in the job-seeking process. Having read the resumes and the cover letter, hiring managers will want to have a physical interaction with you.

As such, mastering the art of presentation is vital to the candidate in making the all important impression. 

This is where you get an opportunity to prove that you are qualified for the job as well as project your communication skills.

5. Certificate of Good Conduct and other requirements

Some employers impose requirements that are related to law or profession. For example in Kenya, a certificate of good conduct is one of the common requirements solicited from jobseekers. This certificate is used to prove that one is a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record.

The contemporary job-seeking environment may also have a vaccination certificate as a requirement. 

Other requirements could be professional licenses and accreditation. This applies to fields like medicine, law, and journalism.

What you need to have while seeking jobs
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