No, It Wasn't Her Dress Code: Strathmore Explains Why TikToker Was Denied Entry

TikToker Swiry Nyar Kano
TikToker Swiry Nyar Kano
Courtesy Swiry Nyar Kano

Strathmore University has refuted allegations by TikToker Swiry Nyar Kano that she was denied entry into the institution due to her dress code.

The university's Dean of Students, Paul Ochieng, stated that Nyar Kano was denied entry to an event that was organized by TikTok and held at the institution because of the protocol.

He insisted that the organizers of the event, Strathmore University, as physical hosts, had to strictly abide by the guest list presented to them.

Strathmore Unversity in Nairobi, Kenya.
A section of Strathmore Unversity in Nairobi, Kenya.
Strathmore Unversity

Citizen Digital reported that they were shown a list of the invited guests and Nyar Kano’s name was not among the invitees.

Ochieng denied allegations by the TikToker that she was harassed, noting that the security guards treated her with utmost respect and dignity and the institution can prove that through CCTV footage.

The university maintained that by offering its auditorium for the event, it had made it clear to the organizers that they were expected to conform to the varsity's dress code, which is based on decency and appropriateness.

“We have the dress code that is appropriate for the nature of the industry our students join once they leave the institution. We train lawyers, business people, finance experts, and engineers,” Ochieng stated.

Nyar Kano noted that since the incident, TikTok called her to apologize but she is yet to receive an apology from Strathmore University.

The TikToker, who is well-known for her pro-African content, stated that she thought her outfit was fitting for the situation.

She described how TikTok got in touch with her manager and invited her to participate on the panel for the "TikTok for Peace" campaign, which she immediately accepted.

TikToker Swiry Nyar Kano
TikToker Swiry Nyar Kano
Courtesy Swiry Nyar Kano

She was upset when the university security crew at the entrance refused to let her in because she was not listed as a guest at the "TikTok for Peace" event hosted in the auditorium.

The university disputes Nyar Kano's assertion that a guy who she assumes to be a representative of the organization reprimanded her for breaking the dress code and told her how improperly dressed she was.

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