7 Easy Car Hacks Motorists Can Use Daily

File photo of used cars in a yard
File photo of used cars in a yard

Over the years, automobile experts have leaned on science to craft hacks motorists can use to clean and maintain their vehicles.

To many motorists' advantage, some of these hacks use readily available household items such as water, citric acid, and clear alcohol among others.

Here are 7 easy hacks that you can use during emergencies or in cleaning and maintaining your vehicles.

Car wash
File image of a car at a car wash

Stuck Wheel on Sand 

Driving on sand can be a challenge even though many consider it a remedy when cars are stuck on mud and other slippery ground.

When a car wheel gets stuck on sand, a motorist can pour some water on the sand where the wheel is stuck to give it some grip that eventually helps the car to move.

Suspended Wheel 

In the event that a car's wheel dangles over a steep, a motorist can use a piece of rock to help the car reverse with ease.

This is done by placing the stone in between the dangling car wheel and the surface of the steep.

Ashy Fuel Cap Door

More often than not, fuel attendants and motorists spill fuel around the fuel cap door and this makes the area lose its original colour and become ashy.

One can restore colour and shininess by using water and car shampoo.

This is done by spraying the area with a mixture of water and shampoo while using a brush to gently scrub the area.

Sticker Residue on Windscreen.

With motorists required to display their insurance on the windscreen, removing the stickers usually leaves residue on the windscreen.

The residue can be removed by spraying alcohol on a piece of cotton cloth and gently rubbing the area till the residue gets off.

Refilling Fuel 

Almost all motorists have had their fuel depleted mid-journey. This forces drivers to have fuel jerricans in the car.

However, refilling fuel from containers to the gas tank can prove a challenge as some spill on the ground.

While some use cut bottles, symmetrically cut water cans offer perfect solutions that prevent any wastage because of their size and long handle.

Cleaning Leather

Leather fittings around car doors and part of the dashboard tend to become ashy owing to contact with water and exposure to the sunlight over time.

A motorist can restore the shininess by mixing citric acid with cooking oil and using a cloth to rub the mixture on the surface.

Fuzzy Headlights

Clear headlights are important as they guarantee the safety of motorists driving during a rainy season or at night.

Foggy lighting is caused by moisture around the headlight and can be done by cleaning using water and alcohol.

The first step is to spray the headlights with water and scrub it with a piece of cloth. After a few minutes, spray it with alcohol and scrab with a dry piece of cloth. till it becomes clear.

For better polish one can also rub it with another clear polish.

A photo of a petrol attendant fueling a car on February 2020.
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