How to Retrieve Wi-Fi Passwords

  • A woman using a laptop to study
    A woman using a laptop to study
  • As you connect to different Wi-Fi networks, it can be hard to remember all the passwords.

    Some people write down each Wi-Fi password but for those that don’t, there is a way to retrieve the codes. 

    Regardless of the computer brand, the gadgets save all the Wi-Fi passwords to every network you have connected to in the past. The internet has facilitated easy communication across the globe.

    Through wireless networks, information can be sent worldwide. It is thus safe to use protected networks that require passwords.

    A man pictured while working on his personal computer.
    A man pictured while working on his personal computer.


    In the event you have forgotten any passwords while using Windows, here are the steps to retrieve them.

    First, right-click on the Windows icon on your computer, and proceed to click on Windows Terminal (Admin).

    Continue by typing netsh wlan show profile and hit Enter, this will make you view all the Wi-Fi networks you ever connected to in the past.

    When you identify the password you wish to connect to, type netsh wlan show profile “(Wi-Fi network name)” key= clear then hit enter.

    The settings for the profile, connectivity, security, and cost will be presented. You will find the Wi-Fi network password under the security settings, and next to Key Content.

    Another procedure to retrieve your passwords is using the Command Prompt application and then typing in the same commands.


    If you are using a macOS, every password you entered and saved is stored in Keychain Access including Wi-Fi passwords. 

    To retrieve a Wi-Fi password on macOS, start by clicking on the System under System Keychains in the sidebar and proceed to click Passwords at the top of the window.

    After you locate the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to, double-click on it. Lastly, check the box next to Show Password and enter your password when prompted. 

    You then are shown the password you used to log in the to network. If needed, you can copy the password to the clipboard.

    It will take a few steps to retrieve the passwords but it is guaranteed to get the password for any network password.

    An image showing an internet connection cable
    An image showing an internet connection cable.