Easy Tips to Ensure Your Smart Phone Has a Long Lifespan

  • A user browsing through a smartphone for news.
    A user browsing through a smartphone for news.
    Simon Kiragu
  • Mobile phones have become an indispensable device in the present-day world. However, their lifespan has become an ever-growing concern - most having a lifespan of an average of two years. 

    There are a number of factors that affect the lifespan of your gadget. Interestingly, some of these factors are within your control based on how you use your device.  

    Experts have established that handling these gadgets with care can help boost the lifespan of the devices. 

    Kenyans.co.ke reviews some hygiene tips provided to help manage the lifespan of your smartphone by the Kenya ICT Action Network- KICTANet.

    A smartphone placed on a bench.
    A smartphone placed on a bench.

    Update your phone regularly

    Most smartphone brands use Android as the operating system. Those using android as their operating system require updates to the latest versions on a regular basis which accrues a number of benefits.

    Besides the additional features that come with an upgrade, other benefits include long battery life and fast response. Further, upgrading your device helps in eliminating unexpected problems in the software known as bugs. 

    Only install apps from play store or apple store

    IT experts warn that downloading applications from sites other than Play Store is unsafe. This could expose the phone to risks of viruses and other malfunctions. Play Store is designed to filter all threats to smart devices and as such, restricting app downloads to play store is a precautionary measure. 

    Reduce the number of apps on your phone

    Downloading too many applications poses a major threat to your dadget's safety. The many apps not only pose a threat to its storage capacity but also to the privacy of the user. 

    Cluttering your with many users can also be a threat to performance and speed. 

    Manage add permissions

    It is also important to manage permissions for various applications in your device. This enables you to control external access to the mobile applications, some of which would bear the risk of virus or privacy infringement

    Lock your phone while not in use

    Locking a phone while not using helps in saving the battery’s span as well. This prevents draining the battery’s power in a short span, which would affect the durability of the battery’s lifespan. 

    Further, shutting down your phone at night has also been proven as a way of improving the battery’s lifespan and the overall lifespan. 

    A person using a mobile phone
    A person using a mobile phone.