12 Mega Projects Sakaja Promised Nairobi Residents

Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja holding his oath of office official document at KICC on August 24, 2022
Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja holding his oath of office official document together with a judge at KICC on August 24, 2022

Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja made a raft of promises as he prepared to begin his reign, vowing to 'make Nairobi work' after he was sworn into office alongside his deputy Njoroge Muchiri on Thursday, August 25.

The former Senator will have the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) functions under his administration when its deed of transfer lapses on October 24. 

The vibrant politician was elaborate in his plans for the Kenyan capital, doubling down on them in his acceptance speech as he finally took over.

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja during the Nairobi City County Gubernatorial debate on Monday, July 11, 2022.

Electronic Single Business Permits

His key promise is to introduce a single electronic business permit in a bid to reduce the number of licenses a single business owner is required to have.

He noted that the QR-enabled permit will help weed out corruption and boost city revenue.

Free Lunch in all Public Schools in the County

His ambitious plan to feed children in all public schools in the city aims to increase the transition rate from one school level to the next. Sakaja assured learners of healthy meals under the feeding program.

Build a City Metro Commuter Light Rail

Building a city metro commuter light rail is in line with Sakaja's plan to decongest the CBD while preserving decency in the public transport sector.

Establish a County Blood Bank

In his plan for Universal Health Care (UHC), Sakaja seeks to give the healthcare system in the city a new face. 

He plans to implement an Integrated Hospital Information Management System (IHIMS) and health financing by settling debt and allowing a smooth supply of medicine.

Keep Nairobi Clean

Sakaja hopes to implement an e-waste handling and disposal system to keep the city clean.

His administration will set up sewerage projects to prevent sewage pipes from polluting the streets. 

Build 20 New Markets

Demolitions have been a painfully common sight in the city and the new county boss has vowed to intervene by preventing demolitions without notice as well as provide alternatives.

Sakaja is selling the utopian ideology that the 20 new markets will be home to over 543 hawkers.  His plan to centralize business is aimed at reducing congestion on the city streets.

Establish a Sports Complex in Each Sub-county

He has promised to build sports centers in every sub-county in Nairobi seeking to establish sports culture among the youth and school-going kids.

The county boss emphasised the improvement of the sports culture, creative arts, and talent in Nairobi.

His government has promised to push for TV stations to offer 60 per cent playtime to local content.

Build 17 Confers for Children with Special Needs

Sakaja has vowed to make Nairobi an all-inclusive county by creating programs that will benefit children living with a disability. 

He adds that his government will include gender-sensitive programs for both women and men.

Decentralize Public Services

The former senator aims to decentralize public services in the county to improve service delivery to its residents.

Nairobi will be divided into five elaborate blocks; the North, East, West, South, and Central administration blocks to ease in management and distribution of resources.

Direct Every Residential Area to Construct a Playground

Sakaja's administration will direct every residential area in Nairobi to set aside space for a children's playground.

Distribution of Water in Nairobi

The water shortage in Nairobi will come to an end once Sakaja implements a working water infrastructure system.

Sakaja commits to providing the residents of Nairobi with clean and safe water.

Provide Clean Toilets, Water Points, Street Furniture, and Bus-Stop Sheds

Sakaja aims at restoring the dignity of Nairobi city, through clean toilets, water points, street furniture and bus-stop sheds.

An aerial view Nairobi, Kenya's capital city
An aerial view of Nairobi, Kenya's capital city.
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