KPLC Responds 19 Months After Man is Electrocuted and Disabled 

File image of Kenya Power technicians making repairs
An undated image of Kenya Power technicians making repairs
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After 19 months since Felix Onyango was electrocuted in Bondo Siaya County, the Kenya Power Lighting Company (KPLC) has broken its silence stating that investigations are underway.

Through a statement, the company noted that it was aware of the incident and that all findings from the ongoing investigations will be shared with Onyango.

"We have conducted internal investigations into the incident and a report prepared to inform next steps. The company regrets this incident," read part of the statement.

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Onyango's life took a turn on January 24, 2021, while walking on a path near his home and low-hanging high voltage live wires electrocuted him.

The live naked high voltage wire was connected to an electric pole but was left dangling onto a mango tree near the path.

Following the tragic incident, the 28-year-old lost his right arm and parts of his left foot among other injuries crippling him to work, and ended up dependent on his family.

Despite a demand letter being sent after the accident in April 2021, the company remained mum on the matter.

The family noted that only after police interference did KPLC replace the hanging wires but no word was said about Felix.

The trained teacher is devastated about the unfortunate turn of events. He can no longer teach or work to make ends meet. Adding salt to the wound, his wife left him during his time of need.

"This is not my life, I am trying to get back on my feet. I know it will not be easy to get my limbs back but I want to move on," Onyango stated.

His family lamented that the financial burden was too heavy and asked KPLC to take action.

KPLC has in the past pointed fingers at citizens for the increase in electrocution cases in the country.

According to the power utility, Kenyans take no precautions when handling electric equipment at home or work. Other life-threatening activities include illegally powering houses which contributed to the mortality rate.

"74 percent of electrocution cases are because of unsafe public practices. We insist that the people have to safely use electricity," Kenya Power Safety Health and Environment Manager John Guda stated.

Electric poles block Waiyaki Way on Sunday, November 28, 2021.
Electric poles block Waiyaki Way on Sunday, November 28, 2021.
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