MPs Denied Massage & Beauty Insurance in New Ksh10M Cover

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    Members of Parliament during a session in the 12th Parliament.
  • Attempts by the newly elected Members of Parliament to get insurance packages covering their massages and beauty treatments have failed. 

    The MP's employer, the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) insisted that cosmetic surgeries will only be only covered in the case of an accident. 

    Other expenses the lawmakers will foot include contamination by radioactivity from nuclear fuel, waste or fission pandemics, epidemics, natural disasters and unknown illnesses covering a wide geographical area excluding the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    They will also use their own money to pay for sanatoria, old age homes, places of rest and herbalist treatment. However, the lawmakers will get a cover which includes Ksh10 million in-patient per family.

    Kenya's Supreme Court judges file into the chamber during the opening of the 11th Parliament in the capital Nairobi April 16, 2013
    Kenya's Supreme Court judges file into the chamber during the opening of the 11th Parliament in the capital Nairobi April 16, 2013

    From the money, each family member will have Ksh300,000 for outpatient, Ksh150,000 for maternity, Ksh100,000 for dental and Ksh100,000 for optical. 

    According to reports by Nation Africa, the Ksh10 million cover per family will provide for a comprehensive and flexible hospitalisation.

    They will be covered for treatment of injury and death caused by violent accidental external and visible means arising from war, invasion and acts of a foreign enemy.

    “This is extended to provide medical treatment and last treatment arising from rebellion hostilities or warlike operations such as rebellion, revolution, insurrection, political risks, sabotage or military usurped power,” reads part of the cover.

    This will include hospitalisation charges, doctors (physician, surgeon and anaesthetists) fees, intensive care and high dependency units, theatre charges, drugs, dressing, and internal and external surgical appliances.

    They will also be entitled to pathology, X-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans, radiotherapy, inpatient physiotherapy, laboratory investigations, nursing procedures, home nursing care, and daycare surgery, which are all covered up to the full in-patient limits.

    In the new cover, MPs and their dependants will qualify for the Ksh10.65 million medical cover in the event of a civil war to the tune.

    Notably, the MPs will not enjoy the cover if they are found to have engaged in acts of violence or terrorism.

    Parliament Buildings in Nairobi in a photo shared by Senate in 2019
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