Standard Media Group Announces Mass Firing

  • File image of Standard Group Plc's Mombasa Road Headquarters in Nairobi
    File image of Standard Group Plc's Mombasa Road Headquarters in Nairobi
    The Standard
  • Standard Media Group is set to retrench its employees according to an internal memo dated Friday, September 30, addressed to the staff.

    The media company explained that the move to declare some of its employees redundant was necessitated by the state of the economy.

    Standard, which manages Kenya Television Network (KTN) Home, KTN News and Spice FM, explained that it was also adapting to the changing media space that is embracing technology.

    "I wish to notify all members of staff of the company's intention to declare redundancy across various departments. This has been necessitated for the following reasons:

    Spice FM studio
    Spice FM studio

    "Disruption of our business in 2020 and 2021 as a result of the pandemic which continues to negatively impact the Group's revenues and the restructuring of the business to adopt a leaner, more efficient structure," read the memo. 

    Further, SG promised its employees that it will be fair when selecting employees to be declared redundant citing the Employment Act of 2007.

    The company stated that the memo served as one month's notice before the exercise is conducted.

    "The redundancy is expected to affect employees across various departments and will be undertaken in phases. The affected employees will be duly informed in writing.

    "Private counselling sessions will be available for the affected employees in addition to free financial management training within the month. Should you require further information, please contact the Human Resources Manager," the employees were advised.

    Employees declared redundant will be eligible for payment for days worked until the date of exit and severance pay of 15 days (or as indicated in the CBA for employees who are members of a union) for every completed year of service.

    Other entitlements include notice pay as per the Contract of Employment, payment of leave days accrued and not taken at the time of exit and pension dues or gratuity in accordance with the Scheme Rules or Contract of Employment. 

    The mass firing announcement comes nearly a year after the media house launched a new, ultramodern converged newsroom, breaking away from the pack and into the digital future.

    Other than Standard, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Thursday, September 29 announced plans to lay off over 382 employees affecting some of its staff in Kenya. 

    Inside the gallery room found at BBC office in Nairobi
    Inside the gallery room found at BBC office in Nairobi.