How to Confirm Sim Card Registration Before They're Shut Down Today

A person using a phone
A person using a phone

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is set to switch off unregistered sim cards on Saturday, October 15, a deadline set by the government.

CA and telecommunication companies issued a USSD code that can be used to verify registration status ahead of the deadline.

The USSD - *106# can be used to verify registration details across all telecommunication networks.

How To Verify


The Sim Cards fraud is a widely used tactic by Con gangs in Nairobi.
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One can verify the registration status of their sim cards by dialling *106#.

Upon dialling the code, a message prompt will appear on the screen, offering you the option of checking your registration status. This option comes as the first option.

A message will be sent to your phone informing you whether you are registered or not.

You will be advised to visit the next telecommunication offices for registration if your details are missing.

However, an option of self-registration is also provided. For self-registration, you will be provided with a link that directs you to the registration portal.

What will be needed at this stage is your phone number and the front and back image of your National ID.

Apart from checking the registration status, one can use the USSD code to check reported numbers, report unknown numbers registered under their names or cancel a reported number. 

Kenyans whose lines will be deactivated tomorrow will have an opportunity to register their line. However, CA, which has not yet issued guidelines on registration, warned that the process will be more demanding. 

"After the October 15 deadline, subscribers whose lines will have been deactivated will still have an opportunity to re-register.

"Of course, they will have more to do after being deactivated," Liston Kirui, an official at CA, stated.

Communication Authority of Kenya (CA)  headquarters in Nairobi.
Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) headquarters in Nairobi.
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