Steps of Linking Your Business to the eCitizen Platform

  • Traders pictured in Gikomba Market, Nairobi.
    Traders pictured in Gikomba Market, Nairobi.
  • Business owners were urged to link their businesses with the eCitizen platform to keep up with the digital era after the government abolished manual registration in 2017.

    The Business Registration Service (BRS), on Friday, October 28, noted that the free service will link the manual company records online.

    eCitizen brings Kenyans closer to government services in the comfort of their home, from registering a business to getting police clearance forms and applying for passports. 

    Business owners who don’t have an account should click the signup button to register. The system will then send you an email verification.

    eCitizen Log In Page
    eCitizen Log In Page

    Click on the link shared, verify your account, and then proceed to link your business on the site.

    Log into the directors, director-shareholder, or appointed company secretaries account, and enter the username and password. 

    Proceed to select Business Registration Service and click "Link Business", where you will be prompted to enter the name or registration number of the business and click the search button.

    Thirdly, select the business and click next.

    You will find the 'Edit Details' where you will be required to enter the business details, including the business name, registration number, registration type, and registration date.

    Finish by clicking Save to continue.

    Proceed to fill in details of the nature of the business and enter the capacity. Also, include the registered office addresses and all the information as required.

    While on the site, also provide information on shares by adding the share category, the number of shares, and the value of each share

    Then fill in details of all directors/shareholders, personal details, and the shares and Beneficial Ownership Information before saving to continue.

    Finally, download the auto-generated Beneficial Ownership Information Form, sign, upload, and submit the application for review.

    An undated photo of a poster on business registration
    An undated photo of a poster on business registration