Story of Kenyan Earning Ksh700K Per Month Driving Trucks in US

  • A collage image of a truck (left) and Samuel Mulwa (right).
    A collage image of a truck (left) and Samuel Mulwa (right).
    El and Nick /Samuel Mulwa
  • America's transport system is dominated by monster trucks that transverse the 50 states supplying various goods.

    However, little is known of how lucrative the venture is with some of the drivers behind the wheel taking home Ksh700,000 per month.

    This is the story of Samuel Mulwa who ventured into truck driving in the US in 2020.

    The Kenyan living in the US revealed to Kenyan Youtuber El and Nic, that he joined trucking courtesy of his friend who had worked in the industry for six years.

    Samuel Mulwa inspecting his truck at a parking lot in the US.
    Samuel Mulwa inspecting his truck at a parking lot in the US.
    El and Nic

    He stated that he started working in the US medical field before deciding to quit to join a trucking school after his friend's advice on the money-minting transport industry.

    "I joined a trucking school and attended a five-week programme. I paid Ksh447,000 and was trained on the basics of the program," he stated.

    Mulwa added that upon taking a test, he was required to work with a trainer for a few weeks to help him with some of the basics of driving the truck and techniques not taught in school.

    Despite the high fee charged, the trucker indicated that his investment paid off as he made an average of Ksh180,000 per week in his first year.

    "The pay is dependent on the experience. Definitely is very rewarding. When you drive for five days a week and you get an average of Ksh178,000 and after tax that will be around Ksh155,000.

    However, he noted that his pay had risen having been in the industry for two years.

    Nonetheless, he divulged that trucking was not easy as many believe indicating the challenges in manoeuvring the monster vehicles.

    "It was scary because reversing is very difficult. On the highway, you just have to check the side mirrors.

    "Not everyone can drive but it is very rewarding. One of the greatest challenges is the weather. The wind here can be crazy at times," he stated.

    For Kenyans seeking to join theĀ trucking business in the US, Mulwa advised Kenyans not to go for the money but to follow their passion given the high demands that come with the job.

    "You have to love what to do because it is rewarding. Do not focus on money. You can imagine driving for 5000 kilometres," he stated.

    He also advised Kenyans to have proper documentation which is required during the registration process such as a working visa, and identification card among others.

    An image of trucks in the US.
    An image of trucks in the US.