State House Revokes All Tender Applications, Issues Fresh Directive

President William Ruto addressing Kibera residents during the groundbreaking of the Kibera Soweto East Zone B Social Housing Project
President William Ruto addressing Kibera residents during the groundbreaking of the Kibera Soweto East Zone B Social Housing Project on Tuesday, October 25, 2022.
William Ruto

Kenyans seeking to do business with State House, the official residence of President William Ruto, now have a chance to apply for tenders.

In a notice dated Tuesday, November 8, the house on the hill advertised that it was seeking suppliers for goods and services in 58 categories.

That was after it revoked previous applications of similar tenders it had advertised for in June 2022 during former President Uhuru Kenyatta's tenure.

If successful, the suppliers will be awarded tenders lasting for a period of more than a year - slated to end in June 2024.

State House building in Nairobi
State House building in Nairobi
StateHouse Kenya

"The Executive office of the President (State House) invites applications for pre-qualification/registration of suppliers for provision of goods and services from interested eligible bidders for the period ending June 30, 2024. All applicants must be registered with Kenya Revenue Authority and Registrar of Companies.

"Current providers of various goods and services as well as those who had applied to be prequalified through tender advertised in June this year are requested to apply afresh," read the statement in part.

Some of the goods sought by State House include cleaning materials, detergents, seeds, cut flowers, utensils, Juices and beverages and fruits among others.

Outstanding services sought include fumigation and cleaning, garbage collection, scratch cards, landscaping, motor-vehicle maintenance, sanitary services as well as outside catering.

There are 28 categories in general in goods section while the service section advertised for tenders in 30 categories.

Applications are open till Tuesday, November 22,  2022.

How to Apply

Interested bidders should download the documents containing the detailed terms and conditions of the pre-qualification from the official State House website or from the PPRA Tender Portal free of charge. 

Youth, women, and persons with disabilities who seek to participate in the process will provide a valid certificate of registration for a disadvantaged group.

Bidders are required to fill the documents, indicating the tender number and the category to be submitted in plain sealed envelopes. 

Relevant documents will be deposited at the Tender Box located at Gate D and addressed to the State House Comptroller's official address.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta during previous talks
Former President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing delegates at a previous forum.