Citizen TV Feature Lands 2 Malnourished Kids Help, School Fees to University

  • Collage photos of the two children from Turkana County who were malnourished.
    Collage photos of the two children from Turkana County who were malnourished.
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  • The future of two children, Apus and Apua Etelej, is now shining brighter after well-wishers came to their rescue following a feature on Citizen TV.

    On Saturday, November 13, a number of well-wishers visited their village in Turkana County with foodstuffs and promised to pay their school fees to the university level.

    It all began towards the end of October when Citizen TV highlighted their plight after they became extremely malnourished.

    According to the report, the three could not walk, sit, or sleep after they missed proper meals for as long as three weeks.

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    "There is a child who cannot walk, sit or sleep. When he is taken to the hospital, the doctors cannot take care f him.

    "Who is the county's Minister of Health who is going to look at the kid here and make sure he is taken care of," lamented Michal Hallonda, one of the area's residents.

    The report prompted well-wishers to contribute and provide meals to the two boys aged 10 and 13 years old from Kang'alita area in Loima constituency.

    "There were children who were weak because of hunger and thirst. We thank the well-wishers who brough help here, now the children can walk," a local resident expressed gratitude to the well-wishers.

    One of the well-wishers, however, promised to pay their school fees from Primary School level through to the tertiary level.

    "We really appreciate and hope that they will fully regain their health and will be able to continue with their education.

    "We are taking responsibility to educate these two boys from the level they are in to University level," promised Bakari Wamala.

    Earlier, the students had stopped attending school as severe drought continues to wreck havoc across the country.

    It is estimated that 5.1 million people have been affected by the ongoing drought that has expanded to 31 counties.

    Food donations handed at a past Harambee event in Kenya
    Food donations handed at a past event in Kenya