KBC Journalist's Cute Elephant Video Attracts Global Attention

An screen grab of an elephant playing with KBC journalist Alvin Kaunda during a PTC..jpg
A screen grab of an elephant playing with KBC journalist Alvin Kaunda during a PTC.
Alvin Kaunda

Just three days after a video of an elephant interrupting the reporting of KBC journalist Alvin Kaunda went viral, the clip has continued to prick hearts across the globe.

First reported by Kenyans.co.ke on Sunday, November 13, the 44-second clip has anchored its presence in three continents.

The video showed a four-year-old elephant interrupting the journalist while making a piece-to-camera (PTC) presentation on the effects of human actions on wildlife.

“Human actions are destroying habitats, decimating our entire ecosystem and disrupting the circle of life. Under the rising drought cases, it is up to us to be guardians of our own natural world, save our one species and provide a home," the journalist announced.

Alvin Kaunda's coverage on the New York Post Website
Alvin Kaunda's coverage on the New York Post Website

New York Post, praised Kaunda's performance in reporting the saddening effects of climate change.

The media house is part of the world-famous media outlet Fox Corporation which also owns the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, headquartered in the US. 

"People are not only taken by Kindani (the elephant) — they are also super impressed with Kaunda’s journalistic talent," reported the outlet.

Across the sea, the Agence France Presse (AFP) posted the clip on its Twitter Page, garnering over 41,000 views, prompting other European outlets, including Barrons, to publish it. 

Another UK publication, The Independent, covered the clip terming it a 'hillarious' interaction between the wild animal and the journalist.

Kaunda told Kenyans.co.ke's journalist, Paul Kurgat, that the clip was a behind-the-scenes shoot for a feature story at the Davis Sheldrick Orphanage.

"I remained calm, I knew there was no reason to panic because they were baby elephants," the KBC reporter stated.

This writer has since learnt that the PTC was part of an upcoming feature titled 'Orphaned and Rescued' set to air on KBC's prime time lineup on Wednesday, November 16.

The feature story covered how orphaned elephants are taken care of amid the ravaging drought that hasled to the death of several wild animals in national parks

Below is the video:

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