Charlene Ruto Hints at Political Career

  • Charlene Ruto at a Past Event
    A file photo of Charlene Ruto at a past event
  • Kenya's First Daughter Charlene Ruto appears to be on a mission ever since the inauguration of William Ruto as the country's fifth president. 

    From trips outside Kenya to Ghana and Morocco, to meetings with top national and county government officials, Charlene has demonstrated an appetite for a role that has seen her draw comparisons with Ivanka Trump.

    However, Charlene's latest trip to Kuria West Constituency over the weekend where she planted a tree and was gifted by the locals was a clear indication of her interest in politics. 

    Photo of a Tree Planted by President William Ruto
    Photo of a Tree Planted by President William Ruto in Kuria West Constituency in 2017
    Charlene Ruto

    The graduate of Daystar University studied Communication is evidently using that knowledge to let netizens and the Kenyan people what she is working on.

    "The tree you see here was planted by my father, William Ruto in 2017 at Moi Girls Nyabohanse in Kuria West constituency," Charlene shared. 

    Charlene Ruto had visited Moi Girls' Nyabohanse in Kuria West Constituency in Migori County on Sunday, November 20, where she planted a ceremonial tree.

    This is the same school her father visited when he was on a campaign trail just before the 2017 election re-run that Raila Odinga had boycotted after the nullification of August elections by the Supreme Court. 

    "Be assured that his vision on climate action started a long time ago. Today, I planted mine next to his so we continue this vision for a sustainable future,"  the first daughter indicated. 

    Charlene has been described to be a different kind of first daughter considering that the role of a first daughter has most times gone unnoticed because the last four presidents’ children did not seek out the limelight.

    This is because most of her predecessors in the role have all been low-key and President Ruto's third-born daughter is here to change the perception. 

    The first daughter also highlighted her appreciation for the local leadership in Kuria community for hosting and welcoming her while singling out Zac Mosabi, a youthful local leader whom she described as her friend. 

    "We had a keen discussion on mitigation of the agricultural and social challenges affecting the people of Kuria," Ruto indicated.  

    Charlene Ruto tours Moi Girls Nyabohanse in Kuria West constituency.
    Charlene Ruto tours Moi Girls Nyabohanse in Kuria West constituency on Sunday, November 20, 2022.
    Charlene Ruto