Woman on the Run After Stabbing Police Officer

Kenya Police officers during a pass out parade.
Kenya Police officers during a pass out parade.

A 30-year-old woman is on the run after stabbing her ex-lover, a police officer based at Nairobi's Zimmerman area. 

The woman reportedly attacked the officer after luring him to her house to mend their broken relationship on the night of Sunday, November 20.

The attempted reconciliation went on for 30 minutes but the officer made it known to her that their once blazing affection could no longer work as he had already moved on.

It was at this point that the infuriated woman went after the cop as he left the house, and stabbed him in the abdomen before disappearing into the thin air.

Undated image of a crime scene
An Image of a police tape on a crime scene
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“The 30-year-old woman followed the officer discreetly as he left her residence. Upon reaching the gate to the apartment, the woman stabbed the officer with a sharp object before fleeing into darkness,” the  Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) reported in a statement. 

The officer screamed for help attracting the neighbors who came to his aid and rushed him to a nearby hospital.

“They rescued him as he bled profusely and rushed him to St John’s hospital where he received first aid before being transferred to a specialized facility within the city for further treatment. He is currently in stable condition,” stated the DCI. 

Detectives based at Kasarani police station launched a manhunt for the suspect as they urged couples to pursue alternative ways of addressing disputes.

“In view of the increased cases of knife attacks between couples, couples should seek alternative dispute resolution methods including seeking the intervention of family members, counselors, church leaders, etc instead of resulting in criminal acts whose consequences could be dire,” read the report.

Cases of Gender-Based Violence meted on men and women are common in Kenya.

The incident happened days after several others of a similar state that have happened in the country.

According to the Gender Violence Recovery Center between 39 to 47 percent of Kenyan women experience GBV in their lifetime

On Saturday, November 19, the DCI reported that a woman who stabbed her husband to death at Ongata Rongai using a kitchen knife had been arrested. 

On Monday 14, a 30-year-old man murdered his girlfriend  at Lang'ata estate. He was however arrested on Friday in Malaba, at the Kenya-Uganda border.

DCI detectives probe a crime scene in Kenya
DCI detectives probe a crime scene in Kenya
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