Story of Tiktok Star Who Went Viral for Receiving Scammers' Phonecall

  • A collage of Mike Muchiri- a social media content creator who has gone viral after recording a phone call with scammers.
    A collage of Mike Muchiri- a social media content creator who has gone viral after recording a phone call with scammers.
  • For the avid users of social media, you may have come across a video of a tiktoker who recorded himself while receiving a phone call from alleged scammers who sought to con him. 

    The video showcases the lad's talent as he impersonates an elderly lady who is unable to handle the techy devices and has to rely upon his son- a fictional character called King'ori. 

    In the video, a lady calls the tiktoker and alleges that some funds were sent to his phone and sought his confirmation. 

    The call is soon diverted to another person who poses as a customer care agent from a local telecom company who also sought to hoodwink him into sending some amount of money from his mobile money account. 

    However, the tiktoker, who was quick to notice the fraud, took them in circles as he later called them out for attempting to scam unsuspecting Kenyans. 

    The star of the video, Mike Muchiri- a lad who has been propelled to fame due to his comic stunts. The video has been shared by many social media users in the past couple of days. On Twitter, the video has over 40,000 views while Tiktok's video has surpassed a million views.

    For Muchiri, the concept of content creation was birthed unexpectedly in his freshman year at Daystar University. 

    "In 2017, there were demonstrations in school and as a result, a lot of people had gone home but I was among the few left. Thinking about what to do, I took my phone and did a random video which surprisingly got lots of traction. That was the birth of my content creation journey," he stated during a previous media interview. 

    "Expressing myself through different characters is something that brings me joy. Also making other people laugh through my content is pleasing," he added. 


    Born in Mombasa but bred in Nyeri, Muchiri described himself as a person who's always expressive in terms of his personality. 

    From a young age, he participated in music, festivals, and clubs. 

    He later joined Daystar university where he pursued a degree in biomedical science. Upon graduation, he enrolled to pursue a Masters in global health policy and advocacy. 

    According to Muchiri, his father was opposed to him pursuing a course in arts. 

    "After high school, I didn't know exactly what to do but it had to be revolving around music, theatre, and arts.

    "I mentioned that to my father, and he exclaimed; 'I pay the fees so that you can go and steal? No way, you're not doing music," Muchiri recalled.

    He noted that years later, his parents are supportive of his art and often give him ideas.

    "Now my parents are very supportive of my content. I think they just accepted that it's what I do on social media because they have been so positive about it."

    Muchiri, who is renowned for the Mama Mike character, noted that it was partly inspired by his mother.

    "The inspiration for Mama Mike character was not entirely my mom. My mom is Kikuyu so to some extent she has inspired some of the videos. But I get my content from anyone and anywhere.”

    According to the talented star, his biggest achievement is clinching the 2022 Best Influencer awards at the Digital Media Awards. 

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