Woman Nabbed Sneaking Bhang Into Police Cell

  • A police tape at a crime scene.
    A police tape at a crime scene.
  • A thirty-year-old woman was on Sunday, November 27 arrested as she tried to sneak bhang into the police cell.

    The woman reportedly walked into Gilgil police station during the 6 am visiting time to check on her husband, who was in custody.

    Her plan however did not materialise as one of the police officers manning the cell discovered the weed hidden inside her undergarments and in a loaf of bread.

    “The soft-spoken woman who cut a figure of a good wife and her actions appeared to be beyond reproach, had carried a loaf of bread and a flask full of hot tea, to be handed over to her husband for breakfast,” the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) report read in part.

    Hands resting on jail bars at a police station.
    Hands resting on jail bars at a police station.

    Though appearing so innocent, a female officer doubted the packed meal and decided to dig out more about what the full content was.

    “The officer at the report office desk wasn’t persuaded by the woman’s demeanor. She uncovered the loaf of bread and found a steep gorge that is characteristic of today’s loaves of bread, but towards the end, she uncovered 5 rolls of bhang, five cigarettes and a matchbox,” the detectives stated.

    She was directed to a room meant for gender-related cases for a thorough body search just in case she could be hiding other drugs underneath her clothes.

    Confirming her doubts, the officer found eighty rolls of marijuana stashed in her undergarments.

    As if that was not enough, the woman reportedly tried to bribe the officer to be set free, earning herself more offenses.

    “Efforts by the suspect to bribe the officers with Sh2,000 to secure her freedom were not only met with resistance but an additional charge,” read part of the report.

    Just like her husband, she was detained for the crime of being in possession of bhang and trying to sneak it into the cell.

    “The suspect is currently being held at Gilgil Police station pending arraignment tomorrow [Monday] morning,” the detectives noted.

    Her arrest came hours after police officers intercepted 20 sacks of bhang worth Ksh5.5 million at Isebania along the Kenya-Tanzania border, believed to be on transit to Nairobi.

    Police across the country have intensified a crackdown on criminal gangs. Following sting operations, detectives nabbed a number of suspects in Nairobi and other towns.

    Kenya police officers during an opertaion.
    Kenya police officers during a previous operation.
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