What to Know Before Boarding a Ferry

Kenya Ferry Services transporting residents in Mombasa.
Kenya Ferry Services transporting residents in Mombasa.

During the festive season and other holidays, Kenyans are seen flocking to the coastal region to enjoy the various tourist attraction sites in the area.

The ferry is one major means of transport for crossing the ocean to the other side. It has been known to carry many passengers, including motor vehicles and motorbikes.

However, there are several rules outlined in the Ferries Act in the Constitution that every passenger ought to know.

Not known by many, the ferry should have conspicuous notices noting the maximum number of passengers and loads.

MV Likoni ferry at the Likoni channel, Mombasa County.
MV Likoni ferry at the Likoni channel, Mombasa County.
Kenya Ferry

Rules for passengers

Every day, the ferry carries thousands of passengers across the ocean. Despite regular passengers understanding some of the rules and guidelines, a group is not familiar with the rules.

While on the ferry, do not damage parts, and ensure you pay the prescribed charges to the toll collector.

Remember that no unruly behaviour, offensive language, intoxication, or indecency is allowed on the ferry.

Also, do not obstruct the ferry officials as they carry out their duties, and respect the instructions from the office when the ferry is full, and you are asked to alight.

Ruled for motorists

The huge ferry size allows it to carry more than one vehicle. Therefore rules are laid out to guide motorists on the ferry.

As a motorist, do not refuse to alight or move your vehicle as directed by the ferry officials.

In addition, do not use a loaded vehicle on the ferry, as it may be dangerous to the passengers.

"Any person who commits an offense under these Rules or contravenes any of the provisions of these Rules shall be liable to a fine not exceeding Ksh200 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two months, or to both such fine and such imprisonment," reads part of the Act.

Toll charges for vehicles range between Ksh120 to Ksh15,950 depending on the type of car and the included load.

Cars disembarking from a ferry in Likoni, Mombasa
Cars disembarking from a ferry after it arrives at the Mombasa island end of the Likoni channel on March 23, 2020.
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