Millions Kenyans Who Join UK & US Armies as Immigrants Earn

A collage of UK and US Armies in training.
A collage of UK and US Armies in training.
Army Reserve

“There is no greater calling than service to country” is a well-recited quote among military personnel globally.

How good and proud would one be to serve his country and its citizens?

With the world now a global village, an opportunity to serve humanity would be a welcome call to anyone. Of course, this is accompanied by better remuneration.

Did you know you could make up to over Ksh 6 million on bonuses alone while serving as an immigrant army officer, among other packages?

An image of army personnel being put through their paces.
An image of army personnel being put through their paces.
Army Times

But do bonuses depend on your rank?

Rank does not factor into first-time enlisted soldiers' bonuses, since most join with the same starting rank.

Instead, the values of initial enlistment bonuses are determined by other factors like job speciality; Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) or how quickly you can report to Basic Combat Training.

Once you are serving and near completion of an enlisted contract, rank and length of service can be factors for receiving a reenlistment bonus.

Qualification for bonuses is determined by scores on certain tests, skills you may have, and a number of other factors.

Full-time recruits can combine bonuses to earn up to an additional $50,000 (Ksh 6.2M) for enlisting in certain jobs.

Enlisted applicants with specific skills the Army needs may be eligible for bonuses up to $40,000 (Ksh 5 million).

Equally, other benefits include; 

Full medical insurance coverage for your family, which can include your parents.

You have a right to have a career within the military, e.g. an engineer, pilot, doctor, therapist, nurse, et al.

Military men in these two countries are highly sought after in various skilled jobs as most of them have a career by the time they retire at a young age.

If one joins the military at the age of 20, they serve for 20 years, and at 40, they can choose to retire and be entitled to a pension.

Chief of Defence Forces Lieutenant General Robert Kariuki Kibochi.
Chief of Defence Forces Lieutenant General Robert Kariuki Kibochi.

Easily accessible house mortgage, most military men are homeowners in these nations. Most of the money they earn as salaries goes to savings or to support their families back in their home countries.

This is also because the government provides them (including families) with almost 80% of their basic needs for survival. Most of them earn between $1800 (Ksh 221,400) to $3700 (Ksh 455,100). This is for junior-ranking officers.

Leave to travel to your home country; Domiciled Collective Leave (DOMCOL) and DOMCOL Substitute allows you to visit your country of origin for an extended period of leave, of up to 45 working days (instead of 30 days annual leave allowance) every five years.

Exempt Immigration Control status; You are exempt from UK immigration control for as long as you remain in Regular service, which means you do not have to pay visa fees during your service.

Family members; Once you have completed initial training, you will earn enough to bring your spouse or partner to the UK, subject to them meeting the criteria set out in the immigration-rules-appendix-armed-forces.  

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