Rongai Landlord Who Waived January Rent Pays School Fees for Househelp's Children

Undated photo Violet (left) with her employer Martha Githuku (right)
Undated photo Violet (left) with her employer Martha Githuku (right)

 Martha Githuku, the Rongai landlady who waived rent for her tenants in January 2023, was praised by her househelp who described her as a boss from heaven.

The domestic manager identified as Violet narrated Githuku's generosity towards her for over four years. According to Violet, her employer treats her as a member of the family.

In an interview with the Lynn Ngugi Show on Wednesday, January 25, Violet disclosed that after she was hired, the employer took over all the needs of her three children.

She was overwhelmed by the kindness Githuku showed her to the extent of offering her a free room in the apartment where she could live.

A collage of Martha Githuku (left) and her househelp Violet (left)
A collage of Martha Githuku (left) and her househelp Violet (left)

Violet narrated her struggles doing odd jobs to provide for her family before she met her current employer.

"I met Githuku through a friend whom we worked together as mama fua, she told me Githuku was in Germany but will be in the country soon," she recalled.

After Githuku landed, Violet worked with her on a temporary basis. However, after a while, she flew out of the country again and Violet turned to her menial jobs.

"When she came back, she reached out to me and I told her I had not gotten a job yet. She sent me Ksh10,000 for fare and to buy some essentials for my children before I traveled to Rongai. When I arrived she informed me that I will be her permanent house manager," Violet added.

The mother of three added that at one time her employer drove them to Vihiga county to visit the children for five days. This to her was unheard of- an employer visiting the employee's village.

"My mum loves her, before she prays for her she prays for Martha. She is part of our family," she stated.

In addition, she noted that her employer once bought her a dog to keep her company at home while she traveled abroad for business.

"After her brother left the house, she bought me a three-month-old dog to keep me company while she was away. It was called fluffy, I can now train a dog," she recalled.

On the other hand, the employer noted that she treats her house manager with dignity because it is the right thing to do adding that there was no need to mistreat a worker.

"If I get sick at home, she is the first one to offer help. Imagine if I mistreat her, will she even take me to the hospital," she posed.

"When she told me about her struggles I remembered how  I started. She is also very honest and clean, these are some qualities I was looking for," she added.

She urged other employers to treat their employees humanely noting," The only difference between you two is that God blessed you first. You do not know what tomorrow holds.".

Rongai landlady Martha Githuku
Rongai landlady Martha Githuku.
Martha Githuku Wanjiru