Hiring a Househelp: What to Consider

  • A file image of a house keeper moping a floor
    A file image of a house keeper moping a floor
  • Most working mothers have to leave home early in the morning to rush to work that often keeps them until late in the evening. Many are forced to leave behind children, some of them toddlers, in the hands of their nannies.

    For the eight hours or more, the mothers have to trust that their children are safe and well-taken care of by the nanny.

    While some employees are fortunate to find a perfect match for their families, others are not so lucky. Therefore, it is important for the parents to conduct a thorough background check before they can commit to hiring someone.

    Below are a few tips on how to vet a house help before employing them:

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    1.) Ask for a former employer's contact

    It is important for one to ask for a former employer's contact in the vetting stage. This is because a former employer would be in a better position to describe the character of the person you are vetting.

    Additionally, you would want to hear both sides of the story as regarding what led to the interviewee leaving their previous jobs.

    If the interviewee is reluctant in giving the contact of their previous employer, then their story may not be entirely reliable.

    2.) Body language

    During the interview, it is important to look at the body language of the person.

    Experienced housekeepers indicate that shift in the eye gaze, fumbling when answering questions and mixing up of dates, could alert an employer of a potential liar.

    A trustworthy person would be required for the job, baring in mind that they stay longer in the house as well as with the children.

    3.) Identification card

    For one to clinch any job opportunity, it is important for them to have an identification card or a waiting card in case the ID is lost.

    The card enables the employer to know the age of the employee and make sure that their age does not limit their chances of getting the opportunity.

    Additionally, it is advisable for the employer to make a copy of the identification card, in case of anything.

    4.) Personal grooming, confidence, neatness

    Just like for other opportunities, it is important for the interviewee to give the best presentation of themselves.

    The manner in which they present themselves helps the employers know how well they can take care of the house and the children.

    5.) How will they discipline the baby?

    This is an important question to ask so as to get a feel of how the house keeper would react in case a child needed to be disciplined.

    With this question, the parent is expected to note any signs of a violent person through the words they choose when responding.

    6.) Have a probation period

    An employer can choose a probation period in which to train the housekeeper how to go about duties in the homestead.

    During this period, the employer would interact as well as get to know more about the newest member of the family.

    Here, she or he is able to tell whether the house help is best suited for the job.