Man Beats Up In-Laws Outside Narok Court After Hearing

Narok Law Courts opened in September 2020
Narok Law Courts opened in September 2020

Chaotic scenes were on Friday, January 27, witnessed at Narok Law Court after two families staged a vicious fight within the premises. 

As the preceding judge concluded the case, the suspect's family reportedly went after its in-laws. 

In a strange twist, the irked family members were heard shouting at the top of their voices and hurling insults against their in-laws. 

"You will know what we can do to people like you. We will not joke with you," one of the fighters shouted. 

An Image of a police station.
A police station in Kenya in a photo dated 2021

The family that initiated the fight was in court to witness the trial of their kin facing murder charges. 

However, there were no immediate arrests against those who fought at the Narok Court premises. 

It was not also clear if any of the victims filed a report with police in the county. 

Section 251 of the Penal Code provides that a person guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm commits a misdemeanour and is liable to imprisonment for five years.

"The claim that the facts read did not disclose an offence should be gauged against the facts that were read and recorded," reads Section 251 of the Penal Code. 

On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, a lawyer, representing a woman in a case, assaulted the lady's former husband with blows and kicks outside the presiding magistrate's chamber.

According to multiple reports, the lawyer claimed that, against his advice, the businessman had invited the media personnel to cover the matter to the detriment of his client.

The two parties appeared before the judge for the hearing in which the lawyer's client, a government employee, demanded over Ksh600,000 in child support. 

A suspect in handcuffs
An undated illustration of a suspect in handcuffs
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