KPLC Manager Explains Why 6 Million Kenyans Will Pay Less Token Charges

An image of someone inserting tokens on their gadgets.
A photo of someone inserting KPLC tokens on their gadgets.

Kenya Power General Manager Rosemary Oduor revealed that millions of Kenyans will continue enjoying low electricity costs if the new tariffs - proposed by the utility firm are approved.

Speaking during an interview on Ramogi TV on Thursday, February 2, the manager indicated that there were 6 million Kenyans that had been categorised in the lifeline plan - a group that pays less for power as compared to the customers in the other categories.

She indicated that those in the lifeline plan were using between 0 to 30 units.

Oduor explained that the move was aimed at cushioning those who were struggling to make ends meet and also empowered them to use efficient sources of energy.

A KPLC technician during a routine transformer maintenance.
A Kenya Power technician during routine transformer maintenance.
Kenya Power

"In our customer base of 9 million, we have 6 million in this category and we want to lift them up. In the tariff application, we are promising that those in this band be charged lower as they can afford it.

"Since we started the band, we have seen an increase in the use of electricity as they can even start businesses. With time, they increase their consumption and move to another band. We would like them to avoid using other forms of energy that are a health hazard," she stated.

On the other hand, she acknowledged that the new tariffs - which will see the cost of power go up would help the utility firm provide better services to Kenyans.

In a bid to save costs, she called on Kenyans to use power-saving equipment in the house such as energy-saving bulbs.

"Even if it is a cooker, it is better to use induction cookers so that they do not consume so much power.

"So many business people using energy-saving equipment are able to expand their enterprises because they save on cost," she stated.

In the new tariff proposals, users consuming users who consume under 30 units will pay Ksh14 Kilowatt per hour(kWh).

On the other hand, those who use over 30 units monthly will be charged Ksh21.68 KWh as opposed to the current Ksh10 KWh.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) is currently conducting public participation over the new tariffs which will come to effect in the coming months if approved.

KPLC General Manager Rosemary Oduor speaking during a past stakeholders meeting.
KPLC General Manager Rosemary Oduor speaking during a past stakeholders meeting.
Kenya Power