Family Reveals Last Moments Before Death of 5 Nakuru Babies

  • Simon Ndung'u and his wife in Nakuru Level V hospital.
    Simon Ndung'u and his wife at the Nakuru Level V hospital.
  • The family of Simon Ndung'u and his wife who lost quintuplets a day after their sensational birth has revealed the last moments before the tragedy. 

    Ndungu's sister told the press that they met the grieving mother on Thursday, February 2, at the Nakuru Level 5. She was reportedly in a healthy condition and appeared strong in the morning. 

    The family members who had kept vigil at the hospital were denied access to the ward where the babies were admitted. 

    Nakuru Level Five Hospital.
    Nakuru Level Five Hospital.

    However, Simon Ndung'u and his wife were allowed to track the progress of the infants at the time in the incubator. 

    At around mid-morning on Thursday, February 2, the family received news about the death of two of the five babies. The three others then passed away at around 1:00 pm.  

    "We came here in the morning, and the mother was well. We were not allowed in, as you may understand. However, the wife and the husband were left inside as we waited outside. 

    "We first received the news about the death of babies, then at around one, we received the unfortunate news that all the babies did not make it," the sister stated. 

    Speaking to the press on Thursday, Simon Ndungu's sister revealed that the mother was still admitted at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital, where she was undergoing a counselling session. 

    She further thanked all well-wishers who had extended their support towards the family on Wednesday, February 3.

    In addition, she pleaded with the will-wishers to secure a job opportunity for Ndung'u, arguing that he was young and needed a source of income to sustain his family. 

    Earlier in the day, doctors from the health facility noted that the babies had minimal chances of surviving since they were underweight, with an average weight of between 500 to 650 grams. 

    In addition, the doctors confirmed that the quintuplets were born prematurely at only seven months after conception. 

    News about the birth of the quintuplets went viral on Wednesday, February 1, with reactions from various quarters. The couple also received support from elected leaders and family members as they prepared for what would have been a daunting task to bring up five infants. 

    An image of the set of quintuplets born at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital.jpg
    An image of the set of quintuplets born at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital.