Govt Redirects Trucks to Use 3 New Routes in Highway Changes

Transit trucks at a border in Kenya's Namanga boarder.
A photo of transit trucks at a border in Kenya's Namanga border.

The Customs and Border Control has appointed three new routes across the country to be used by transit trucks destined outside Kenya.

In a Gazette Notice dated Friday, January 3, Commissioner of Customs and Border Control Lilian Nyawanda gazetted Nairobi - Mai Mahiu - Narok - Kaplong - Isebania as one of the routes.

The route will be used by transit goods headed to Tanzania.

Nakuru - Nyahururu - Kiganjo - Moyale was also gazetted as one of the routes in the new move and targets vehicles heading to Ethiopia.

Kenya-Ethiopia border town.
A signpost of the Kenya-Ethiopia border in Moyale town.

The agency explained that the gazettement of the new routes was done in accordance with the law.

"Appointment of roads or routes over which goods in transit under customs control shall be conveyed.

"Pursuant to section 12 of the East African Community Customs Management Act, 2004, the Commissioner of Customs and Border Control appoints the following transit route: Londiani Junction (B1) - Muhoroni - Kapsitet Junction (B1)," read the notice in part.

According to the 2014 Act, the commissioner of customers is expected to gazette routes that enable goods to be transported from one member state to the next.

"The Commissioner may, by notice in the Gazette, appoint roads or routes in a partner state over which goods in transit, or goods transferred between the partner states, shall be conveyed.

"Also appoint entrances and exits, whether general or special, too and from any Customs area or Customs airport within a Partner State," read the act in part.

The announcement came days after the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) issued new guidelines regarding trucks en route to neighbouring countries.

KeNHA announced a Ksh 45 million fine for trucks carrying goods beyond the set limit. The road agency explained that the trucks damaged a section of the highways.

Trucks held up at a traffic snarl-up along a highway.
Trucks held up at a traffic snarl-up along a highway.