Why KPLC Will No longer Issue Breakdown of Token Charges in Message 

An image of someone inserting tokens on their gadgets.
A photo of someone inserting KPLC tokens on their gadgets.

Kenya Power, on Tuesday, March 14, explained that the decision to remove a detailed breakdown of token purchases in messages was occasioned by a survey conducted by the utility firm.

In response to queries by Kenyans raised online, the utility firm noted that a number of consumers requested brief messages about the tokens purchased.

Previously, KPLC detailed the tax charge, the fuel energy charge, the forex charge, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA), and the inflation adjustments, among others.

Through the purchase of tokens, Kenyans.co.ke established that the new message entails the tokens, date of purchase, units, the amount spent, and the token amount.

A screenshot of the old Kenya Power token message (top) and the newly introduced model (bottom).
A screenshot of the old Kenya Power token message (top) and the newly introduced model (bottom).

All the other charges will be accumulated as one. 

“The change has been effected after numerous engagements with the public including a recent survey where our customers requested a briefer statement of their electricity bills,” the utility firm stated.

However, Kenyans who want more details on the charges were advised to use the utility USSD code *977#.

“Going forward we will no longer be including all the cost elements in the SMS. Customers can get additional details about their bills via *977#," Kenya Power stated.

Following the changes, Kenyans raised issues over the new model as detailed messages were used to analyse the rising cost of power.

Consumers could check on the changes in the charges to explain the rising cost of electricity.

"When you buy tokens, and they take over half your money for other charges, shouldn't they explain what may have necessitated the increase?" Joshua Kariuki wondered.

Kenya Power's move by the utility firm came days after an increase in electricity prices.

The increase in power bills was occasioned by the adjustments of fuel charges and the increase in forex charges owing to shillings weakening against the US dollar

Kenya Power building in Nairobi CBD.
Kenya Power building in Nairobi CBD.
Kenya Power