Functions of Red-Circled Gadget on Presidential Plane

Static Tube System
Kenya Presidential Plane, often used by President William Ruto.

President William Ruto is often seen boarding or jetting out of the KAF 308 Plane, locally known as Harambee One.  

The plane - Fokker 70 Extended Range (ER) -  is well equipped with some of the most advanced technologies befitting the protection of a Head of State. 

According to Kenya Air Force's commemorative book, the plane that was manufactured in Netherlands and was received by former President Daniel arap Moi on December 20, 1995. 

From outside, a red circle is patched on the Presidential jet that has served Kenyan leaders since 1995. 

An image of a plane taking off at an airport.
An image of a plane taking off at an airport.
Flight deck

The red circle is centred on an aircraft pitot-static system known as the Static Tube System used for collecting data on the external environment of the plane. 

Static Tube System is fitted with sensors that detect the ambient air pressure which affects the ability of the plane to lift. 

The ambient air pressure, also known as pitot pressure, does assist the plane to create a forward motion capacity when lifting. 

"These pressures are used on their own or in combination with each other to provide indications of various flight parameters," Sky Bary, an aeronautical news website explained. 

Static Tube System also collects and shares altimeter data, the measurement of altitude, that is, the distance a plane is above sea level. 

Data on Altimeters are important for aircraft and spacecraft pilots who monitor their height above Earth's surface.

The system also provides information about Airspeed, which is the speed of an aircraft relative to the air outside the plane. 

"Static Tube System is integrated into other corresponding technologies to carry out machmeter, which is the ratio between the aircraft true airspeed (TAS) and the local speed of sound (LSS)," Sky Bary explained. 

This ratio is important in collecting data on the vertical speed also known as a Rate of Climb and Descent Indicator (RCDI) that helps a pilot to make necessary adjustments during a flight. 

An image of an aero plane being given a water salute.
An image of an aeroplane being given a water salute.