Angry Mob Beats UDA MP

Kirinyaga Woman Representative Maina
Kirinyaga Woman Representative Jane Maina (seated) at Kerugoya Hospital after being beaten by a mob on Tuesday, August 22, 2023.
Jane Maina

Kirinyaga Woman Representative Jane Njeri Maina was airlifted to Nairobi for a medical emergency after she was roughed up by goons at a political function on Tuesday, August 22.

Speaking to, her communications team claimed that Maina was evacuated by Minet, an insurance group that offers emergency services. 

"Yes, Mhesh was evacuated after the Governor (Kirinyaga chief boss Anne Waiguru) sent goons to attack her but failed," the officer alleged.  

Jane Njeri Maina
A photo collage of Kirinyaga Woman Representative Jane Njeri Maina.
Jane Njeri Maina

In a photo sent to, the woman representative's head was shaven, with medics pushing her on a wheelchair towards a waiting helicopter. It was alleged that the MP incurred head injuries in the scuffle. 

Maina was visiting Kerugoya during a meet-the-people tour when she encountered the rowdy youth who blocked her from addressing the public.

The Woman Representative was in the company of Baragwi Ward MCA David Mathenge, who was also caught up in the fracas. 

The two leaders escaped on foot before finding refuge in their cars. The two were immediately ferried to Kerugoya Hospital for urgent medical attention. 

Before the incident, Maina and Mathenge were planning to meet journalists to speak on matters pertaining to the development of Kirinyaga.

"We had planned to talk about many issues, among them being the recent events where women and the disabled were beaten up by individuals in the County.

"We would like to assure anyone who was injured that we will not relent over this matter until when they shall have received justice," the Woman Representative said.

As a result of the commotion, several cars which had been used to transport the leaders were also damaged, with many windshields broken.

The Kirinyaga Woman Representative claimed the attack was premeditated and sponsored by a senior politician in the County.

"Everything was going on smoothly until when a group of youths on motorbikes came and attacked us. They also injured the people who were listening to us," Maina stated.

Kirinyaga County boss, Anne Waiguru, did not directly respond to the allegations but condemned the act and advocated for peace and unity. 

"It has come to my attention through the media that Kirinyaga Women Rep Hon Njeri Maina was attacked by youth while going to answer to police summons, together with Baragwi MCA Hon Mathenge,  concerning the breakage of County Water Project on Saturday. 

"I wish to condemn any acts of violence and reiterate that, no matter the reason. We do not condone or tolerate violence. I therefore urge the police to take immediate action against those involved," Waiguru stated via her social media pages on Tuesday, August 22. 

Kirinyaga Woman Representative Jane Njeri Maina
Kirinyaga Woman Representative Jane Njeri Maina addressing the county deaf community on Sunday, December 9, 2022, in an event to mark the international week of the deaf.
Jane Njeri Maina

The Woman Representative, Maina, claimed that the attack was planned to frustrate her political moves.

However, the Kirinyaga Woman Representative vowed to forge on and work closely with  President William Ruto's administration.

Maina's supporters called on the Inspector General of Police to ensure that those behind the attack are brought to book, especially those who sponsored the attack.


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