Ruto's 7 Bold Climate Resolutions

President William Ruto
President William Ruto addressing heads of state and dignitaries at the Africa Climate Summit on September 6, 2023.

The Africa Climate Summit 2023 concluded with President William Ruto giving a declaration statement on behalf of all African heads of state as regards to their position on climate change and the actions to be taken.

Reiterating the continent’s climate change charge, President Ruto called for a review of financial systems that have burdened Africa with debt and hindered economic growth.

He stressed that addressing these financial challenges is crucial to effectively combat the climate crisis.

Ruto asked the international community to implement debt relief interventions that will alleviate Africa's debt burden unlocking the continent's growth potential, development and industrialization.

African Climate Summit event at KICC, September 5 2023.
Delegates at the African Climate Summit event at KICC, September 5, 2023.

“We demand a fair playing ground for our countries to access the investment needed to unlock the potential and translate it into opportunities,” Ruto stated.

“We further demand a just multilateral development finance architecture to liberate our economies from odious debt and onerous barriers to necessary financial resources,” he added.

President Ruto went on to state that Africa had resolved to work with the international community emphasizing the importance of collaboration in addressing and curtailing the climate crisis.

Additionally, the the role of the youth in the development and future of Africa was stressed, with the head of state advocating for their direct involvement in the green agenda.

“Our efforts to achieve prosperity will not succeed If there are no opportunities for the youth, and our journey will be long and hard and in vain if the youth are not coming with us.”

Moreover, African leaders demanded access to technologies and innovations that will promote and expand Africa’s green industry.

They also pledged to raise $23 billion(Ksh3.4 trillion) for the green growth mitigation and adaptation to address climate challenges in Africa.

Lastly, the declaration outlined an ambitious plan to increase Africa's renewable energy generation capacity from 56 GW in 2022 to at least 300 GW by 2030. This move aims to address energy poverty on the continent and contribute to the global supply of clean energy.

Africa Climate Summit Declaration
Heads of State and dignitaries during the Africa Climate Summit Declaration at KICC on September 6, 2023.