Wasini: Inside Exclusive Island Loved by Tourists

An aerial view of Wasini Island in Kenya
An aerial view of Wasini Island in Kenya
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Picture this, a secluded island, clear blue sky, and the extensive Indian Ocean all around.

These are the breathtaking scenes at Wasini Island located southeast of Kenya. The island offers a wide variety of activities to the tourists.

Wasini Island also known as 'Paradise on Earth' is an ideal place for photographers, the picturesque views make the perfect photo album. The sea through boats, gives tourists a clear shot at the animals swimming in the ocean.

It is home to about 2,000 people with a rich cultural heritage, music, and cuisine. The locals are swahili speakers that live primarily from fishing and tourism.

A photo of tourists snorkelling at Wasini Island in Kenya
A photo of tourists snorkeling at Wasini Island in Kenya
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"The locals are welcoming and friendly. Try some of their foods, share stories, and learn about their lifestyles and the tales of the island," one tourist advised.

The island has old-looking houses that create the illusion of an ancient village. The locals are dressed in traditional attire as they carry out their daily activities.

Wasini Island is also home to a variety of beautiful coral reefs that range from single coral formations to immense reefs.

Some of the major events on the island include snorkeling, scuba diving, and dolphin spotting. These activities are enhanced by the clear blue waters on the island.

It hosts the Kisite Mpunguti National Marine Park home to the dolphins. Besides enjoying a swim with the dolphins, visitors can bird watch and sunbathe on the shore of the island.

Other animals tourists can see include green sea turtles, humpback whales, blue monkeys, lizards, tortoises, and other fish species.

Boat rides at the island allow the visitors to explore the unending ocean enjoying the cool breeze and the sunlight. Such scenes are perfect to unwind and reconnect with nature.

To get to the island from Mombasa, tourists can take a car or a public matatu charging between Ksh250 and Ksh5,500. This will take approximately three hours.

The entrance fee at the island is Ksh200 for Kenyan and African citizens. There are other community-run projects where tourists are charged separately a small fee.

While on the island, tourists can visit the Coral Garden and Shimoni Caves and pay entry fees at several rates depending on whether they are locals, residents, or non-residents.

On the island, tourists can seek accommodation in campsites, hotels, and cottages. 

A pod of dolphin swimming in Wasini Island
A pod of dolphins swimming in Wasini Island
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