Govt Launches Nationwide Crackdown on Illegal Internet Providers

An image showing an internet connection cable
An image showing an internet connection cable.
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The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has commenced plans to rid the country of illegal internet providers.

In a statement, CA informed the public that in the recent past, the agency has recorded an increase in cases of illegal connections regretting that most Kenyans have fallen for this specific type of unscrupulous trade.

The authority further revealed that besides unauthorised internet providers, there are other operators offering postal services without requisite licenses.

"It has come to the notice of the Authority that certain entities, including individuals, are providing Internet services, installing communication systems, and providing postal/courier services without requisite licenses," read part of the statement.

Entrance to Communications Authority of Kenya.
Entrance to Communications Authority of Kenya.

According to the Kenya Information & Communications Act, of 1998, it is an offence for anyone to provide communication services without being duly licensed.

The act imposes a Ksh300,000 fine, one-year imprisonment, or both for anyone found offering postal services without a license.

On the other hand, anyone who operates a telecommunication system or telecommunications services without a valid license is liable for a Ksh1 million fine or a jail term not exceeding five years or both.

CA urged the public to report all suspected illegal service providers through to allow investigations to begin.

The authority advised the public to always go for internet services from licensed providers since they guarantee better quality and offer better customer services and protection.

Kenyans can get the list of licensed telecommunication service providers including internet and postal operators on the website

All new investors seeking to provide telecommunication services in Kenya can get the application forms on the Communications Authority of Kenya website.

In August two suspects were arrested for illegally providing internet services in Kiambu and Nairobi counties.

Officials complained that such activities breed cyber crime and undermine the legal framework that envisions a healthy digital market.

Kenya has several internet providers with billionaire Elon Musk recently launching Starlink in the country to offer fast internet services.

A photo of the Starlink's standard kit.
A photo of Starlink's standard kit.
Starlink hardware
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