Internet Service Providers To Be Punished by Law For Piracy

Internet Service Providers caught pirating Kenyan content could soon face huge fines or prison terms.

The Government tabled a proposal seeking an amendment in the Copyright Act that would solely blame local internet service providers for Kenyan Content illegally downloaded.

The move is in a bid to protect the struggling film industry in Kenya and its earnings.

According to the head of the Kenya Copyright Board (Kecobo) Edward Sigei, ISPs have technological measures that allow them to block certain sites within their area of service provision.

Currently, Kenya has no legal mechanism that protects content uploaded on the internet from being exploited.

If the proposal passes, ISPs will be obligated to stem any illegal downloads of Kenyan content through their channels or face stern actions. The proposal also seeks to compel internet service providers to block the international sites that offer free download for local content.

According to the 7th annual global software piracy study released by the Business Software Alliance (BSA), Kenya’s piracy rate stood at 79% in 2010.

The proposal is set to be presented to the public, media owners and ISPs within the next 30 days for input before it is taken to Parliament for approval.

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