You Need to Pressure Me to Deliver, Ruto Declares During Session in New York [VIDEO]

President William Ruto attends a Transport meeting in New York on September 20, 2023.
President William Ruto attends a Transport meeting in New York on September 20, 2023.

President William Ruto wants to be pressured to ensure he delivers his commitments and gets everything right.

Appearing as a guest in a discussion with Fauna and Flora International CEO Kristian Teleki in New York, US, Ruto noted that politicians like himself respond well to pressure and people must be cognizant to the fact.

Teleki had picked Ruto's brain on the development of the blue economy when he noted that the sector was too important to be run by politicians alone.

"As I sit here as a marine biologist, I will be pleased if you talk about the green economy. I am interested to talk to you about the blue economy," posed the Fauna and Flora CEO.

Below is the video:

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"In this sector, people must be deliberate because this will not happen with politicians alone. It is too important to be left to politicians alone. Therefore, It is important that every sector of our economy come on board, nudge us on, push us on and do whatever it is that they can so that we get this right," Ruto responded, extending the collaboration to all the other sectors.

"Politicians like myself respond to pressure. The pressure must be on for us to do the right thing."

Ruto was defending his earlier plan to promote the blue economy to tap resources in the blue economy to transform the lives of Kenyans. 

The President, during a tour of Budalangi in August, indicated that the sector will play an important role in the provision of employment opportunities for the youth.

“The blue economy will be an economic game changer for this country. We are going to integrate the sector for food security and employment opportunities for our people,” he stated at the time.

“The improved refrigeration will help maintain a long shelf life and guarantee quality of fish from Busia and the neighboring counties."

Ruto's declaration of working well under pressure could be welcome by other sectors within the country after the cost of living hit unprecedented levels.

For instance, a few months after taking the reins, the opposition which attracted some of the Head of State's supporters hit the streets to protest continually rising cost of basic needs and compel the state to reverse the trajectory.

A year into office, however, fuel price remains the highest ever and the price of most basic needs, including the staple food, is out of reach of most households.

A liter of petrol now retails at Ksh211.64 from a low of about Ksh170 before he took the reins while diesel hit the Ksh200 mark.

Climate Change

During his engagement, the Head of State also called on the international community to pull together and champion for the climate action.

"It is not possible anymore to talk about climate action on one end and environment on the other exclusively. It is one and the same thing," he stated.

"It is not going to be done by us verses them. It is going to be done collectively. The focus must be on leveraging all efforts we have in public and private."

William Samoei Ruto
President William Ruto during his campaign trail.
President William Ruto