Former KEBS Chair Surrenders Half of Kshs 278 Million Frozen in Graft Case

Photo of Former Kenya Bureau of Standards Chair, Jeremiah Kamau Kinyua.
Photo of Former Kenya Bureau of Standards Chair, Jeremiah Kamau Kinyua.
Jeremiah Kinyua

Former KEBS Chair Jeremiah Kinyua has surrendered half of Ksh278 million that was frozen by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, amid graft investigations.

EACC froze Kinyua’s assets in May this year due to claims that he had amassed unexplained wealth in his stint as a senior official of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

Amid investigations, Kinyua agreed to surrender half of the money after reaching an agreement with EACC, and registering consent at the High Court.

The remaining half will be handed over to the government as proceeds of graft.

EACC center, Nairobi
A photo of the EACC headquarters, at Integrity House in Nairobi.

Among the properties surrendered are: two plots in Ruiru town worth Kshs. 63 million, three plots in Nairobi and Kitengela worth Kshs. 33 million, a Kshs 5 million Toyota Prado vehicle and cash amounting to Kshs 1.2 million.

Kinyua will retain the other half which constitutes two plots in Nairobi and Laikipia worth Kshs 35 million and Kshs 18 million respectively, in addition to three plots in Ruiru estimated to be worth Kshs 95 million.

The consent papers signed before Justice Esther Maina state that Kinyua is to surrender the seven listed properties and money retrieved to the Kenyan government.

After Kinyua hands over titles of the properties to EACC, the commission can then publicly auction the assets and direct the proceeds to the government.

EACC had raised questions over Kinyua’s ownership of the properties since his known source of income at KRA amounted to way less than the millions he had in possession.

His average monthly salary at KRA was Kshs. 120,000 totaling 11 million over the period of employment.

When summoned to explain the disparity, Kinyua was able to account for properties worth Kshs 83 million but could not explain assets valued at Kshs. 278 million.

According to the agreement with EACC, the orders that led to freezing of the properties which he has been allowed to keep are lifted.

A stash pf cash confidcated by from a top-ranking county official by EACC on February28, 2023
A stash of Ksh2.7 million confiscated by EACC officers from a top-ranking county official by EACC on February 28, 2023.
Photo: EACC