France Boosts Sakaja's School Feeding Program With Ksh222 Million Funding

Photo of Governor Sakaja(right) and French Minister , Ms Chrisolou Zacharopoulou
Photo of Governor Sakaja(left) and French Minister, Ms Chrisolou Zacharopoulo in Paris France on 17, October 2023.
Sakaja Johnson

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja's school feeding program is set to receive a boost after the French government committed Ksh222 million (€1.4 million) for the project.

Sakaja, who is currently in France for an official visit, revealed the funding will be channeled towards scaling the program.

Sakaja and French Minister of State for Development and International Partnerships Chrysoula Zacharopoulou met at a dinner meeting Tuesday in Paris.

“Our delegation received the high honor of being hosted by my friend and great friend of Kenya Chrisolou Zacharopoulou, the Minister of State for Development, to a special dinner reception last evening in Paris,” Sakaja said in his statement.

Photo of Governor Sakaja and France Prime in Paris on 17, October in an art gallery in Paris2023
Photo of Governor Sakaja and France Minister in Paris on 17, October 2023 going in art Gallery in Paris
Johnson Sakaja

Sakaja is out of the country representing President William Ruto for the first global school feeding program which is expected to run for two days.

The summit brings together various Heads of state and ministers to deliberate on how to invest in sustainable food systems and Climate Change action through school meals.

During the summit, Sakaja is expected to appraise delegates on the  “Dishi na County” program which he launched in August 2023. 

Initially, President William Ruto was expected to attend the summit, after being invited by French President Emmanuel Macron. However, he communicated that he would not be able to attend the summit due to official commitments.

"Due to prior official commitments, His Excellency the President will be unable to attend this meeting. In this regard, the President has requested that you represent him at this meeting given that you have been invited as well," the President said in a statement.

Dishi na County is a program launched by Governor Sakaja primarily to provide regular subsidized school meals to more than 250,000 children in public primary schools in Nairobi.

The program is Kenya's first in an urban setting.

Dishi na County is currently in Phase One and targets 42 schools.

In his first budget, Sakaja allocated Ksh1.2 billion towards the feeding program. Another Ksh500 million was allocated towards building 7 more kitchens and subsidising the cost of a plate for each child.

President William Ruto attends Investors' Roundtable in Beijing, China, on Tuesday, October 17.
President William Ruto attends the Investors' Roundtable in Beijing, China, on Tuesday, October 17, 2023.