Hidden Car Parts With Unique Functions

A photo of a car's interior.
A photo of the interior of a saloon car.
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With the advancement of technology, car manufacturers are finding new ways of providing solutions to drivers who experience different challenges when driving.

As the automobiles market continues to become more cutthroat, various manufacturers are finding new ways to remain competitive including introducing new features.

From steering wheel adjustment knobs to anti-glare rearview mirrors, these functionalities are aimed at ensuring that drivers are comfortable when cruising on the road. They are also geared at preventing road accidents.

However, most motorists do not know of these features exist as they are typically placed in hidden parts of the vehicle.

Kenyans.co.ke takes a look at these features and how they can help you when driving a vehicle.

A photo of a wrench which allows motorists to adjust a steering wheel.
A photo of a wrench which allows motorists to adjust a steering wheel.

Adjustable Steering Wheels

Most vehicles are designed using the standard height of human beings. However, motorists often desire to adjust the steering wheel to lock in  a more comfortable driving position.

Unknown to many, drivers can adjust their steering wheels using a knob usually located around the steering column - just below the steering wheel.

While some vehicles have knobs, others have a wrench that can be pulled out to allow a driver to adjust the steering wheel.

In most vehicles, the steering wheel can be pulled up - closer to the driver's space.

Some steering wheels can also be lowered or lifted.

Anti-Glare Mirror 

The rear-view mirror is one of the most important components of a vehicle as it helps a driver monitor vehicles behind them.

Notably, during the nighttime, when motorists are driving with headlights on, the driver can easily become distracted especially if they have an eyesight problem.

Therefore, vehicle manufacturers install a black wrench under the rearview mirror which can be used to turn on the antiglare function. The wrench acts like a switch and is turned on by adjusting it forward.

A photo of a rearview mirror with the antiglare knob (circled in red).
A photo of a rearview mirror with the antiglare knob (circled in red).
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Motorists are, however, advised to be careful when the antiglare function is on as they may underestimate the distance of the vehicle behind them.

Fuel Tank Indicator

While driving a new vehicle, struggling to determine the position of the fuel tank - whether located on the right or the left is common.

As such, car manufacturers have a fuel tank indicator at the fuel gauge on the dashboard.

However, in Kenya, most vehicles have the fuel tank on the left side. The positioning is informed by the need to protect drivers in case of an accident. 

A photo of a petrol attendant fueling a car on February 2020.
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