Businessman Faces Off With Nakuru County Govt Over Ksh 850 Million CBD Land

Photo showing Aerial view of Nakuru County
Photo showing Aerial view of Nakuru County
Nakuru County Government

A man claiming a prime piece of land at the heart of Nakuru town is currently embroiled in a vicious fight with the County Government over ownership of the 1.5-acre plot.

Speaking to journalists on Sunday, the man, a Nakuru resident, said that he acquired the parcel of land before the advent of devolution during the era of the defunct local governments.

The man explained that he acquired the piece of land in 1997 and fulfilled all legal obligations from the then Municipal Council of Nakuru.

However, as the man narrated, the County Government has also claimed ownership and designated the parcel as public land.

Matatus Nakuru
Image of Matatus in Nakuru during a matatu strike in September 2020.

The matter escalated after the County Government decided to relocate a bus terminus from one part of the Nakuru Central Business District, to the piece of land which the man claims is his, located in another part of the city.

To prove ownership, the man claims he is currently in possession of a lease certificate of the land.

''I have reported at the at the OCPD, County Commander, and at the Regional Commander but they have not taken a step or even written anything,''

The man stated that a contingent of police officers was sent to man to the area as demolitions took place in the parcel he had initially fenced off.

In his narration, he stated that he had started seeing unusual activities in the parcel which prompted him to fence off the area.

He further claimed that the fence was brought down while he was in police custody. It was after he was released that he realised the extent of the alleged invasion.

''On 1st at 4 am the County sent its officers in two vehicles and officers from Nakuru Central Police Station and they pulled down the fence and the next day, I was harassed by the county officers,” he stated

The man accused senior county officials at the Nakuru County Government of planning attacks against him.

The developer added that he will be moving to court to face off with the County over the piece of land.

A view of Ardhi House along Ngong Road in Nairobi.
Entrance of Ardhi House along Ngong Road in Nairobi.
Ministry of Lands
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