Local Residents Beat Up Man to Death After He Killed and Buried His Mother

A photo of a police car and locals at a past crime scene
A photo of a police car and locals at a past crime scene

Residents of Ihumbu in Murang'a County on Tuesday night beat up a man accused of killing his mother.

According to reports, the man was recently released from jail when he committed the act, thus convincing area residents that he had yet to learn a lesson. 

Eyewitnesses claimed that the suspect murdered the mother and later buried her next to the cow shed.

However,  they could not immediately establish the cause of the altercation.

Nyamira county residents flock at the crime scene where Ezekiel Gitangwa's mutilated body was found
Residents flock to a crime scene in Nyamira on January 1, 2023.

When residents learned about the incident, they took matters into their own hands and beat the suspect to death.

They also complained that murder incidents in the area were on the rise, causing them to panic and fear for their lives. 

This was after a similar murder incident was reported a few kilometres away from the home. However, police arrested the suspect, who was further detained for interrogation and arraignment in court. 

In Gaturo village, another man was accused of killing his mother due to a disagreement on what to eat. 

According to police, the man demanded ugali after his mother prepared bananas. An argument later ensued, with neighbours claiming that the man used a crude weapon to end his mother's life.

Police launched an investigation into the matter and moved to calm alarmed locals. 

Area residents attributed the influx of murder cases to the high rate of unemployment and urged the county government to intervene and solve the menace.

Meanwhile, some complained that the young men in the community were addicted to drugs, which caused them to commit such heinous acts.

To solve the underlying issues, they proposed the upscaling of counselling and rehabilitation centres to aid the youth in recovery. 

A photo of a police landcruiser at a past crime scene
A photo of a police landcruiser at a past crime scene
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